When is the last time your clothes made you laugh鈥 in a good way? The stylish folks at Bow & Drape let their community have fun with their fashion with the option to customize it with lettering, embroidery and beading galore. It鈥檚 like DIY except someone else is doing it for you. As much as we love DIY, if someone else wants to do it sometimes, we won鈥檛 stop them. Here are some of the funniest sweatshirt finds from the Bow & Drape community so you can laugh and look good doing it. Oh, and did we mention you can enter to win a $750 Bow & Drape gift card so that you can purchase all of the lovelies below? Because you totally can.

1. Tequila Mockingbird: No offense, Harper Lee, but your literary genius was a pun-tastic opportunity for a happy hour sweatshirt.

2. Just in Queso: Queso is ALWAYS a good idea. No. The best idea. If melted cheese isn鈥檛 your first choice for lunch/dinner/snack, it should always be a back up plan. Finally, someone gets it.

3. Gone With the Gin: Can there ever be too many literary/booze puns? Maybe there鈥檚 something to be said for that oft quoted mantra, 鈥淲rite drunk. Edit sober.鈥

4. Blood Sweat Sequins: It鈥檚 about time this saying got an update. If we had a nickel for every time we lost a sequin when we were in a bind, we鈥檇 buy so many more sequins.

5. Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese: You can do research on your dreams to find out what your subconscious is trying to tell you. We鈥檝e looked everywhere, but we can鈥檛 find any explanation for dreaming of clouds made of brie or raining mozzarella.

6. Rexecellent: Dinosaur humor 鈥 it never gets old.

7. Goal Digger: We鈥檝e got mad ambition, and we鈥檙e getting our own gold, one goal at a time thank-you-very-much.

8. Stay Weird: If weird means loving unicorns and sparkles long after leaving middle school, then consider us as weird as they come.

9. Keeper: This could be an adorable casual look for an engagement photoshoot. After all, your fianc茅 knows it鈥檚 true.

10. Sorry Not Sorry: Finally, this hashtag is emblazoned on apparel. Becoming an Urban Dictionary entry is one thing, but when you鈥檙e on a sweatshirt, you know you鈥檝e made it.

11. As If: Feeling a little 鈥90s? Why don鈥檛 you pair this one with some acid wash denim and Keds?

12. Word: It鈥檚 a word with so many meanings. It can be said in agreement to mean 鈥淥K, cool.鈥 It can be said as a statement of disbelief to mean 鈥淣o way!鈥 Or it can be said on a sweatshirt to look effortlessly cool.

Did you know you can win $750 from Bow & Drape to upgrade your fall wardrobe? It鈥檚 true. Enter to win and let us know what your first purchase would be!