Relationships between siblings can vary from person to person, but you can’t deny that there’s a certain kind of bond that comes with having a brother or sister. If you happen to have a sibling, you’ve probably gone from being their best friend to fighting with them about everything under the sun. Still, your bro or sis is truly one-of-a-kind to you, and at the end of the day you love them dearly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a laugh by giving them a funny gag gift. We’ve rounded up some excellent, hilarious options for siblings who enjoy a good joke. And of course, they’re all given out of love.

1. Ruby Ridge Studios ‘World’s Okayest Sister’ Mug ($14): You know deep down that she’s the best sister ever, but sometimes you two are just not into mushy sentiments. You can still let her know that she’s your fave (without giving her too much of an ego about it).

2. Qurious Shop ‘I’m Not Arguing I’m Just Explaining Why I’m Right’ Shirt ($22): Who do we love to argue with the most other than our siblings? Even though you two are all grown up, you both still have a lot of opinions (read: stubbornness). We suppose siblings that argue together, stay together.

3. Gears Out ‘You Said You Wanted Nothing’ Box ($10): Is your sibling impossible to shop for? Well, you’re in luck. When they ask for nothing for their birthday or on a holiday, that’s exactly what you can get! Of course, this is just a gag. Maybe get them a nice sweater too?

4. Stamped by Colleen Oldest, Middle, Youngest Keychain Set ($35): It’s tough being one of many siblings, but you know you’re all special in your own way. This three-sibling keychain set hilariously sums up what it’s like to have multiple brothers and sisters.

5. Ink Whiskey Concealable NES Entertainment Flask ($20): Give your gamer bro or sis a classic throwback that they can still use, even though mom sold the Nintendo long ago. These flasks may look like the vintage NES cartridges you played with as a kid, but they’re definitely for adults only.

6. Wacky Wavy Mini Tube Guy ($13): Give your brother or sister a smile whenever they get to the office. This extremely silly wacky wavy tube man will let them know you’re rooting for them in the funniest way.

7. Sassy Sisterhood Graphic Tee ($25): Tell her “thank you for being a friend” with this graphic tee. Whether she’s your big or little sis, you know she’s your favorite “golden girl.”

8. The Mug Hermit ‘Nacho Average Brother’ Mug ($11): Your bro is certainly not average. In fact, he’s the best! And you can still let him know how much you appreciate him by having a laugh as well at this punny mug.

9. Stamped Love ‘Twin One, Twin Two’ Rings ($20): There’s nothing like the bond you have with your twin. And sometimes, your bond is so strong, people can’t even tell you apart. Keep these rings close for when your friends and family need a little reminding who’s who. Now all you have to do is choose who is “twin one” and who is “twin two.”

10. Bella and Kate Designs ‘Marriage Made Us Sisters Wine Made Us Friends’ Wine Glass ($10): Even stepsisters and sisters-in-law deserve an adorable, funny gift. Even though she’s your sister from another mister, you both know what really brought you together (wink wink).

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