If you’ve been scouring the internet for DIY Easter decoration inspo, chances are you’ve already heard about the latest Easter trend that’s taken over Pinterest: galaxy-inspired Easter egg decor. Comprised of starry nights, bedazzled accents, rocket ships and more, galaxy-inspired Easter eggs are the non-traditional trend to rock this Easter. They’re cool, creative and chic all rolled into one and will be a blast with kids and adults alike. So set aside some time this Easter weekend to bust out these badass creative Easter eggs that are *out of this world*!

brit and co easter eggs

1. Galaxy Easter Eggs: Blast off into the galaxy-inspired trend with a set of starry Easter eggs. Go for a metallic finish using gold acrylic paint, or use star-shaped confetti and gold glitter. Together, the duo looks like they could make a stand-out galaxy of their own. (via Brit + Co)

blue constellation eggs

2. Constellation Easter Eggs: Your eggs will be the star of the show with this easy celestial constellations DIY. Dip your eggs in blue egg dye and use metallic sharpies to speckle in the stars. In 10 minutes you’ll have yourself an all-star set of Easter eggs. (via Kittenhood)


3. Glitter Galaxy Easter Eggs: This craft can get a little messy so be sure to lay down paper towels or newspapers first. The mess is totally worth it once you have yourself a dazzling set of galactic glitter eggs. (via Dream a Little Bigger)


4. Marbled Indigo Easter Eggs: It’s not hard to imagine these gorgeously marbled indigo eggs as the mysterious celestial bodies that make up the night sky. They’re so pretty that it’s a little hard to believe how easy it is to actually make them: Simply dip your eggs into a nail polish and water solution. Seriously, that’s it. (via Alice and Lois)

5. Pink Crescent Moon Easter Egg: If you or your kids are fans of the Sailor Moon series, this Easter egg DIY will take you down memory lane. Whether you create an assortment of colored crescent eggs or stick to an all-pink set, they’ll be pretty irregardless. Pro tip: If you’re planning to eventually eat your eggs, opt for a food-safe coloring dye instead of acrylic paint. (via Paper & Stitch)


6. Rocket Ship Easter Egg: A little paper is all that’s standing between you and a fiery rocket ship Easter egg. Grab a styrofoam egg, tissue paper and construction paper for this action-packed DIY. Fashion yourself or turn your kid into an astronaut by cutting and pasting an itty bitty photo to the window frame of your rocket. 3… 2… 1… Blast off! (via Persia Lou)

star wars egg

7. Star Wars Easter Eggs: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… If you’re a die-hard fan of the Star Wars franchise, you’ll love these Easter eggs inspired by the trilogies’ characters. All you need are temporary tattoos and water! The galaxy doesn’t seem so far away now. (via Estéfi Machado)

star trek egg

8. Star Trek Easter Egg: Boldly go where no man has gone before with this Star Trek inspired Easter egg. Did you catch that those “stars” are actually made up of several Starfleet starships? To add a little starry *sparkle* to your nebulous design, glue on a few rhinestones here and there. (via Strut Creative)

galaxy egg with gold

9. Galaxy Easter Eggs With Stars: To get the classic galaxy Easter egg look, paint a black base on your eggs, then brush sections of dark blue and purple paints over the base. Create “stars” by gently splattering on white paint. Don’t worry too much about painting them perfectly — the more random they are, the better the “galaxies” will turn out. Give the eggs some added dimension using a sponge to add a touch of metallic gold paint. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

black and silver rocket ship egg

10. Black + Silver Easter Egg: This one calls for a steady hand and an aptitude for doodling. Deck out an all-black egg with metallic silver designs. Sketch out a space ship for an Easter egg decoration that really takes off. (via Tumblr)

earth and virgo

11. Earth Easter Eggs: No Easter egg solar system is complete without an Earth egg! To make, simply draw the major bodies of land using a wax crayon then dip your eggs in blue dye to finish it off. Bonus: This DIY project is a great chance for kids to have fun while practicing their geography. (via Imagine Childhood)

plain egg with constellation

12. Constellation Easter Egg: This may be the easiest galaxy-inspired Easter egg you can make. If you find yourself running short on time Easter weekend, try this simple DIY constellation Easter egg. You can probably whip up a dozen of these in about five minutes. Grab a thin marker or sharpie and draw away! (via @lkyim)

galaxy egg with yellow streaks

13. Universe Easter Eggs: Forget the world — now you can have the whole UNIVERSE in your hands with this Easter egg DIY. It’s similar to the galaxy look, but has a matte finish rather than a metallic sheen. Opt for a few streaks of yellow as shooting stars, and call it a masterpiece. (via @bodine1212)

glow in the dark eggs

14. Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs: Give your eggs small details that glow in the dark, or go the extra(terrestrial) mile with an overall glow. To get them as phosphorescent as the ones pictured above, dunk your eggs in a solution of water, vinegar and glow in the dark paint for a marbled effect. Whatever you choose to do with the glow in the dark paint, you can bet they’ll turn out to be pretty stellar. (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)

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