It’s about time that we could play games on our phones with our friends. Not like Words With Friends, but like a game that you can play with your friends actually gathered around you, not just virtually. Photojojo has a card game for you and your friends to play that’s totally based on your smartphone skills.

Game of Phones is a card game in which every card prompts you and your buds to compete in some kind of smartphone-based task. Here are some challenges in the deck:

– Find your best #selfie

– Create an emoji masterpiece

– Most unaccepted Facebook friend requests wins this card

– Find an obnoxious food picture.

– First person who gets a text back from their parents wins this round.

The winner of each round is chosen by a rotating judge, and the competition is fierce. We kind of love that there’s finally a game that not only taps into our smartphone skills, but encourages us to practice more… as if we needed more practice.

Warning: This item doesn’t ship ’til the end of December, so while you can’t grab it as a Christmas gift, you can get it as soon as January for winter dinner party entertainment. You can buy the deck here for $20.

What’s your most enviable smartphone skill? Let us know in the comments!