Valentine’s Day is synonymous with love and gifts. There’s usually a jewelry box in sight, something cozy to wear, or a seemingly quirky trinket that doubles as a “Be Mine.” This year, we hear your Valentine is an extra special lady with an extra special affection for all things geeky, from tech to science to comics and everything in between.

To make sure you both have a memorable (and successful) February 14th, we’ve rounded up 28 of the nerdiest and most thoughtful gifts out there. So pamper her with an item or two below, whip up a Cupid-approved meal, and indulge together in some chocolate-y goodness. You’ll thank us later.

1. Minecraft Diamond Jewelry ($14 – $15): Even geeky girls love diamonds, and these are conflict-free.

2. Latitude Longitude Pendant ($150): Do the two of you have a special place? Let her bring it with her wherever she goes with this handmade latitude-longitude necklace.

3. Hidden Message Necklace ($205): Let her decode your love with this pendant of hugs and kisses.

4. Wonder Woman Robe ($45): For the girl who loves lazy mornings of leisure — and a world without injustice or sexual inequality.

5. Be Mine Printable Greeting Card ($2): Ask her to be yours in pixels.

6. 8 Bit Heart Metal Art Table Decor ($35): Or tell her you love her in 8 bits.

7. Cube Belong with Me Earrings ($15): Let her flaunt her Rubik’s Cube-solving ability, and tell her she belongs with you at the same time.

8. Breaking Bad Beaker Mug ($13): Geek or not, we all miss Breaking Bad. And these mugs are perfect for the Walt enthusiasts and coffee lovers… b***h.

9. Floating Mug ($30): Let her prove Newton wrong with her next gravity-defying cup o’ joe.

10. Pi Bottle Opener ($30): Let us guess, she’s a numbers nerd whose bar collection needs an upgrade.

11. DNA Earrings ($30): While these double helix earrings don’t exactly mimic her genetic makeup, they are just as unique. Pro tip: Complete the set with a matching necklace.

12. Goggles Umbrella ($28): Let her be the girl with the yellow umbrella, who now has pseudo x-ray vision. (We’re looking at you, How I Met Your Mother fans.)

13. Got It On Block Container ($30): We’re never too old for legos. And this one will help her organize all those love notes you’ll write her.

14. PixelGlitch Accent Pillow ($20): A pixel glitch that won’t ruin whatever it is she’s watching. If anything, it will make her more comfortable — and add a pop of color to her decor.

15. Cuff Bracelet ($30): BAM! The geometric design of this oversized cuff will let your lady show off her comic book pride.

16. Star Wars-Inspired Printable Art ($8): Remind her of your love like this famed on-screen couple.

17. Hobbit The One Ring Earrings ($50): A sneaky way to tell her she’s the one (see what we did there?).

18. Equation Geek Clock ($30): This clock is perfect for the girl who likes solving puzzles at every turn — even when checking the time.

19. Bath Periodic Table Framed 2 Piece Wall Plaque Set ($25): In case she’s a chemistry nerd with a bland bathroom, this periodic table diptych will do the trick. Pro Tip: Draw her up a bubble bath to make this a two-part gift.

20. iNecklace ($75): This button necklace has an LED light that can flash to her heart’s desire — or yours. Pre-program it to flash 1-4-3.

21. R2D2 Art ($25 – $35): Is she a fan of R2? (We know, who isn’t?) This is one of the most artful representations of our favorite beeping robot.

22. Caffeine Molecule Necklace ($85): Keen on a caffeine addict whose jewelry collection needs an extra boost? This oughta perk her right up.

23. Bits and Pieces Sandwich Cutter ($10): Let her make a game out of her next PB&J with this Tetris-inspired sandwich cutter. Pro Tip: Make a batch of playful Valentine’s Day brownies.

24. Grumpy Cat Kigurumi Cosplay Pajamas ($60): These may not be the most flattering or romantic pajamas, but they’re hilariously cute and oh-so comfortable.

25. Retro Eyeglasses Art Print ($18): Give her a four-eyes piece of art that complements her retro style.

26. Rutherford-Bohr Model Atom Earrings ($25): Tell her how you feel with these holographic, electrostatic, atomic earrings.

27. CTRL+S Container ($13): Because she’ll need a place to put all that geek-inspired jewelry you’re getting her.

28. GoldiBlox and the Spinning Machine ($30): In case your daughter or niece is on the V-day list this year, foster her nerdy roots with this engineering starter kit.

What are you gifting your geeky better half? Tell us in the comments below!