Complex and simple geometries are all around us, and lately we’ve been seeing geometric patterns at the forefront of chic home design. We’ve delved into our own share of DIY geometric projects in the form of leather pendant necklaces and painted baskets, and now we’re here to round up some of our favorite geometric objects for the home. If you’re in the market for a bit of geometric goodness, we have one word for you: Etsy! :)

1. Geometric Pillow Cases ($20): We love how these pillowcases make us think of a color wheel gone geometric. We particularly love the mountainous design in the lower left.

2. Themis Mobile ($37): Who says mobiles are only for hanging above a crib? The bright colors and bold geode forms in this one are perfect for a colorful kitchen or modern workspace.

3. Off the Wall Planter ($20): How funny do those little cacti look? These off-kilter planters are great for adding a bit of life to any nook in your home.

4. Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt ($169): This quilt almost looks like you’d be able to color it in! We love the combination of geometric design and traditional quilting.

5. Hand Carved Rubber Stamp ($10): Of course, if you want to add geometric designs to anything and everything, maybe you should invest in a set of hand carved rubber stamps?

6. Geometric Ornament Templates ($25): It’s never too soon to start thinking about how much this year’s Christmas tree is going to rock… or maybe it is too soon? Either way, we love the pale earthy hues found in this set of geometric ornaments.

7. Wooden Geometric Puzzle ($30): At first glance, we thought this was a pie-chart style cutting board! It’s actually a puzzle, but would make a great design piece for your coffee table.

8. Hand Painted Pine Keychains ($15): These gorgeous keychains combine a rustic slice of pine with rich hues and triangular shapes.

9. Geometric Neon Art Blocks ($57): Think of these as building blocks for grown-ups! Use them as bookends, paperweights, or as simple art objects in your home.

10. Triangles Screen Printed Moleskine ($7): Love your Moleskine notebooks but need a little more pizzazz? We’re digging this triangle print… and wonder if we could create something similar with our old friend, washi tape.

11. Geo-Diamond Rug ($99): Part of our pretty rugs roundup, we like to think of this rug as a campfire-turned-carpet.

12. Aztec Hip Flask ($20): A flask is an object for the home… right?

13. Between a Rock and a Lamp Base ($79): Designed for a kids’ room, this lamp base could turn seriously modern with the right lampshade.

14. Neon Pink Air Plant Holder ($30): This almost looks like a game more than a place for your air plant to hang. We’re definitely putting this in our “to make” folder.

15. Pen Pots ($16): The mason jar in your desk is looking a little worse for the wear – upgrade your workspace with this sweet trio of pen pots.

16. Brass Prism Plant Hangers ($25): The juxtaposition of organic plant curves and hard metal lines is a lovely one.

17. Little Neon Nesting Dolls ($109): Nesting dolls for hipsters! We’re in.

18. Marimekko Ceramic Coasters ($23): You know we’re head over heels for everything Marimekko, and these coasters are no exception.

19. Snug Magnets ($20): We adore these magnets – a great way to keep all those invitations and photos on your fridge organized while still maintaining a modern design aesthetic.

20. Dodecahedron Terrarium ($160): And finally, a dodecahedron terrarium. This beautiful piece is perfect for all sorts of succulents, cacti, and even an air plant or two.

What cool geometric objects have you spotted in the wild? Tell us about your favorites in the comments below.