You know we love us a little statement, especially when it comes in necklace form. And we happen to love finding new uses for seemingly useless materials, like those really small scraps of fabric, leather, and vinyl you keep collecting but have no idea how to use. Well, with a little inspiration from this necklace found on Etsy, a bit of glue, and fabric scissors, we turned scrap materials into gorgeous pendants.

 – leather, pleather, vinyl scraps

– sharp fabric scissors

– fabric glue

– chain + clasp

– needle nose pliers

– optional: rotary cutter + cutting board + ruler

We happened to have a bunch of leather, pleather, and vinyl fabric scraps in our arsenal. If you’re looking for scraps, try craft stores in the scrapbooking section. They often have small pieces in bags that are just a few dollars per bundle. Etsy also has tons of leather scrap bundles.

Next thing to do is cut our your template. We’ll start with an angular heart.

Trace your desired shape onto the leather with a pen. Use fabric scissors to cut out the shape. Repeat with additional shapes if you like!

Now it’s time to cut your scraps into a shapes that fit your template. You can use a rotary cutter or sharp fabric scissors. If you think you’re going to be cutting a lot of thick fabrics and leathers, a rotary cutter will quickly become your best friend.

Then you can start gluing pieces on your template!

Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut off any pieces that might be sticking off your template, if you want clean lines at your edges.


Repeat with your next two shapes.

Now you’re ready to turn these little leather shapes into necklaces. Get your chain, clasps, and needle nose pliers. As you can see, we ended up creating two more little triangles for our triangle necklace.

To turn your shape into a pendant, use a large needle to pierce two corners at the top of your shape. Add a loop with your pliers, and then attach chain. Clasp at the end and you’re golden.

Love how the heart pendant has just the right balance of romance and edge.

Next up is our trio of triangles!

If you want more of a collar look, try shortening your chain.

And finally, abstract shapes!

So fun! Each of these took 10 minutes to create, and we’ve got plenty of scraps left for more!

Have you tried your hand at any of our previous DIY statement necklaces? We’d love to see photos. Share them with us in the comments below or over on Facebook.