By now, it鈥檚 pretty clear that we should be standing with Planned Parenthood. While states like Texas have worked fast and furiously to defund the women鈥檚 health organization, there are many people still fighting for the organization. With fundraisers and events throughout the country raising an incredible amount of money to help keep the org鈥檚 services within reach for millions, more and more people in the public eye are coming out in support of PP. What鈥檚 surprising is that more and more, Republican and Republican-adjacent people are speaking out in favor of the org 鈥 including George W. Bush鈥檚 own daughter, Barbara Pierce Bush.

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During a speech in her home state this past week, Barbara spoke about her strong conviction that Planned Parenthood is an important social impact organization as well as a women鈥檚 health one. The Texas Tribune reports that she spoke candidly and honestly about her passion for access to health services, which should come as no surprise, since she runs an organization called the Global Health Corps.

Barbara鈥檚 organization aims to ensure that health equality happens globally, and they plan on doing this by uniting leaders across the globe to support those in need of health care. It looks like GHCorps mostly works in African nations, although they work throughout the world to support initiatives like International Women鈥檚 Day and getting children access to vaccines regardless of where they are born, or family income.

With more and more people publicly engaging in the conversation around women鈥檚 health and the right to health, it鈥檚 heartening to see those we鈥檇 expect to be less on board actually be completely committed to supporting women鈥檚 health initiatives.

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