City sidewalks, busy sidewalks… make the perfect backdrop for a holiday photo shoot. Before you get all cuddly by the tree with your fave holiday flicks or party all night with your pals, hit the town with that friend of yours who’s always DYING to practice her photo snapping skills with you. In case you haven’t gotten a gift for that special friend yet, we’re sure she would love the chance to improve her skills. Check out these gifts perfect for the budding Annie Leibovitz in your life.



1. Portrait Photography Online Class: If your pal wants an excuse to take pics of you (and you want an excuse to rock a fab new holiday look), you can indulge her with this nifty class on how to capture her subjects in the best light (no pun intended). Sarah Deragon will teach your friend how to find the best lighting and settings for indoor and outdoor shoots, pose her subjects and frame her shots for the most natural-looking photos and edit her photos in Lightroom. Your whole friend group is about to say goodbye to their months-old profile pics (you’re welcome).


2. Photo Styling Online Class: Maybe your friend’s jam is fewer people and more products or art. That’s okay too! Meredith Staggers of Cake and Confetti will show her how to master the popular flat lay Instagram shot, capture on-brand lifestyle photos no matter where she is and use different photo apps to make her pictures wow. An Instagram following is one of the best ways to get noticed, and your pal will def thank you for helping make her dream a reality. MAJOR brownie points. Win-win!


3. Intro to Travel Photography Online Class: So your bestie wants to be a travel blogger (we also have a class specifically for bloggers). Well, few things draw new followers faster than spectacular photos of far-off lands. Marianna Jamadi, who started Nomadic Habit, will teach your friend how to capture the intrigue of foreign places by demonstrating how to use DSLR settings to shoot in different landscapes, figure out which equipment to bring on trips (and how to pack for those trips) and touch up her pics in Lightroom. (*Free travel not guaranteed, but we wouldn’t be surprised if your BFF amasses a huge following with her pics.)


4. Intro to Adobe Photoshop Online Class: If your bud is serious about her photography career, she’ll definitely need to know how to use Photoshop. Teela Cunningham, founder of Every-Tuesday, will demonstrate how to use different editing tools to enhance photos and use vector elements to spruce up scanned photos. Your friend will also come away with a super cute Polaroid layout to showcase her best pics. (Seriously, whoever said Polaroids were outdated needs to see this.)

If you aren’t sure how our classes work, they’re pretty awesome! After you purchase a class, whether it’s a gift or for yourself (we wouldn’t blame you), it’s yours or the recipient’s forever! No expiration dates. You can watch and learn as many times as you need to. We got you.

Now get out there with your pals and capture some beautiful moments!


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