Everyone loves a good Netflix binge-watching sesh now and then, but there are some people in our lives who take a once-in-a-while extravagance and turn it into a full-blown lifestyle. Our beloved couch potatoes may not be the first people we think of if we want to run a marathon or go on backpacking in the mountains, but they definitely know a thing or two about how to relax. Perhaps we can take a few tips from these cozy couch lovers and repay them with a gift that will make their favorite habit even more indulgent.

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote ($40): Your friend can’t call themselves a true couch potato without a quality streaming device. This generation of Amazon’s Fire Stick not only has all the apps we love like Netflix and Hulu but also includes an Alexa Voice Remote so your pal can watch their favorite shows without even having to search for that remote.

2. YnM Weighted Blanket ($69+): Chances are, your bestie has dozed off on the couch once or twice after an Orange Is the New Black marathon. With this blanket, they don’t have to worry about waking up tired the next morning since its weight provides a soothing, anxiety-reducing effect.

3. Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker ($99): Curling up on the couch doesn’t always involve Netflix — sometimes your friend just wants to listen to music. No matter where they decide to lounge, they can still play their favorite tunes on this wireless and very sleek speaker.

4. HealthSmart Folding Magnetic Tip Reacher Grabber ($10): Every couch potato needs something that gives them an excuse to never leave the sofa. They can pick up fallen remotes, stretch for out-of-reach snacks, or grab practically anything within a few feet’s radius with this handy contraption.

5. Joywell Sofa Armrest Pocket Organizer ($18): Your pal will never have to fear losing the remote again! Well, as long as they remember to put it back into this armrest organizer that’s ideal for holding all of their electronic accessories (and then some).

6. Fuzzy Babba Women’s “Do Not Disturb” Slipper Sock ($12): When your beloved couch potato gets into TV-watching mode, you know better than to disrupt their flow. But it’s also good to send a warning to other people in the house with these cozy socks.

7. True Brands Stemless Wine Tumbler ($22): For holding hot drinks or cold, wine or water, these little tumblers are as useful as they are aesthetically appealing. Plus they have a sippy-cup lid, so your BFF won’t have to worry about spills on their most sacred space.

8. Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Laptop Bed Tray ($40): Even couch potatoes need to get a *few* things done during their relaxing time. They can keep their laptop, tablet, or even just their bowl of popcorn on this multi-functional tray.

9. Cozy Gal “Busy Doing Nothing” T-Shirt ($15): “Nothing” is music to a couch potato’s ears. After they feel the relief of canceling plans for the night, they can slip on this comfy tee, sit back, and click that remote to their favorite episode of Breaking Bad to their heart’s content.

10. Contour Products 10-in-1 Flip Wedge Pillow ($40): One drawback of your friend being a lounging enthusiast: having to contort their body to find the best position. This adjustable pillow will do the work for them, so they’ll have no trouble getting through that movie marathon.

11. Jacques Moret Fuzzy Babba Animal Slippers ($8+): Crisp fall nights are the ideal time for snuggling on the sofa in full-on veg-out mode. These soft, adorable slippers come in styles of various animals, like foxes, cats, and pandas, and they seriously up the cozy factor.

12. The Original HOTPOP Microwave Popcorn Popper ($15): Ah, the official snack of every couch potato: popcorn. This special bowl ensures the best pop every time with minimal unpopped kernels. The best part? It’s ready in just minutes.

13. Alternative Apparel Eco-Jersey Jogger Pant ($27+): Make sure their outfit for the couch is comfy chic. These slim, soft joggers should do the trick.

14. Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Scented Candle ($35): This candle has a relaxing scent of rice milk and cherry blossom and burns for 50 hours… almost long enough for someone to get through their Netflix queue.

15. Better Homes & Gardens Colette Tufted Storage Ottoman ($60): Kick up your feet and rest them on this ottoman, which can also store extra blankets, board games, and more.

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