Gift wrapping can leave more mess than a sloppy roommate. Looking around your living room at the paper scrap flurries and ribbon trails from the couch to the kitchen (a familiar scene this time of year), you might consider a simple solution: a gift wrap station. Not only does it keep things organized, but it also turns a little corner of your living room into a mini-Santa’s workshop, minus the elves. (Sorry, we can’t help you there.)

Ya ready? Here’s the how-to: Start with a nice, flat surface that gives you plenty of room to work, whether it’s a desk, fold-up table or wide window seat. Work with what you’ve got! Next, you’re ready to build onto it with all your supplies. Read on for space-saving tricks and cute additions from the B+C Shop for a space fit for a power-wrapper.

1. Crane Craft Scissors ($14): Watch out: with these in your craft corner, you might get a little scissor-happy. We love the antique look so much we might just hang on to these scissors as wall art.

2. Cat Tape Dispenser ($14): Your work space should be decked out with little things that make you smile, especially when it comes to gift-wrapping necessities.

3. Squish Round Containers ($25): If you aren’t afforded the luxury of storage cabinets or drawers, you can make the most of a small corner by optimizing vertical space. Better still, these stacking containers will keep your Washi tape, ribbon spools, reusable scraps and baubles in plain sight.

4. Dual Paper Cutter + Ribbon Cutter ($49): This compact shelf can keep spools of bakers twine and ribbon neatly sorted, AND it works double-duty as a wrapping paper cutter. Ooo, aah, clean lines every time.

5. Lowercase Handwriting Alphabet Wooden Stamp ($18): If good handwriting isn’t one of your strong suits, you’ve got a couple options: a) Learn calligraphy in one of our classes or b) customize with these letter stamps that look just like handwriting. They nest neatly in a gorgeous wooden box worth displaying too.

6. Year of Holidays: Carve a Stamp Kit ($30): Carving Thanksgiving turkey was just the practice round… now it’s time for carving stamps. This DIY kit has stamps for the major holidays that you can use to spruce up your gift tags, wrapping paper, place settings, ornaments and wine gift bags. Maybe you get wild and come up with your own design!

7. Month & Days Block Calendar ($60): The countdown is on! This block calendar would go great in a little windowsill or shelf of your craft corner, AND lives on year after year.

8. Cheers + Clink Gift Tag Set ($30): Add your handmade touch to a bottle of wine or home-baked goodies by passing them along with a handmade tag.

9. Stash/Etc Drawstring Bag ($19): Until you get around to wrapping, it’s well-advised to have someplace to stash those gifts. This canvas bag is just vague enough that no one’ll think to look there. Hey, your secret’s safe here.

10. Pantone Metal Storage Box ($22): Out of the million and one uses for this storage box, we like the thought of it housing tissue paper, bows, washi tape and stamps. Maybe even hiding a gift or two.

11. Gold Dots Printed Canvas Bucket ($22): Messes are inevitable, but cleanup is key. If you don’t have a pet to blame for the paper scraps, keep this tucked away as a waste bin.

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