There are wants, and then there are needs. Sometimes the difference is obvious (see Thanksgiving desserts and sustenance in general), but other times, shiny, colorful and game-changing gadgets can skew the judgments of the most level-headed shopper. When it comes to bakers, the line gets even fuzzier, especially if it’s down to a taste of cookie dough or a second helping of cobbler. Luckily, you don’t have to worry if the oven-obsessed individual on your holiday gifting list really needs any of our favorite 18 gifts for bakers, ‘cause we’re sure that they definitely want them.

Cake Decorating 101

1. Cake Decorating 101 Kit ($100): Have a friend totally obsessed with Cupcake Wars or Cake Boss? Give that budding baker this cake decorating kit so she can gain the skills to launch her professional career.

Kitchen Mixer Ornament

2. Kitchen Mixer Ornament ($13): No need to double up on hand mixers or mixing bowl sets. This sparkly number is the gift for the baker who already has it all.

Cookie Stamp

3. Customizable Cookie Stamp ($15): Most artists sign their works, and we think that cookie artists should be able to do the same.

Cheese Board

4. Cheese Board Kit ($50): What does a baker need with a cheese board? And a hand-wood-burned one at that? When it comes to baked goods, presentation is half the battle to convincing others to break the vow of no carbs and sugar.

Cricket Flour

5. Cricket Cookie + Flour Set ($30): Is your baking bud over vanilla and chocolate? She’ll dig experimenting with this protein-packed cricket flour. Sounds weird, but don’t knock it ‘till a bestie makes you try it ;)

Organic Chocolate Making Kit

6. Organic Chocolate-Making Kit ($52): She won’t get to start with pods straight from the Theobroma cacao tree, but this candy kit is the next best thing. The best part? You might get to sample some of the spoils.

Watercolor cake

7. Watercolor Gold Leaf Cake Kit ($34): First off, gold leaf is seriously IN for the holidays. Second, this watercolor cake is stunning. The baker in your life just needs to add cake and a fondant canvas to channel their inner artist.

Polka Dot Recipe Tin

8. Polka Dot Recipe Box + Cards ($34): Saving recipes on your phone or computer might be more organized, but we all know that the best recipes are those splattered with mystery stains and crusted with flour and who knows what else.

Macaron Kit

9. Macaron Kit ($25): If you’ve cruised around the blogosphere, you’ve probably encountered a few “woes of making macarons” posts. Pro patissiers struggle to master these persnickety delicacies, but this kit will help the pro in your book get a leg up.

Kitchen Scale

10. Smart Kitchen Scale + Recipe App ($100): Baking isn’t all about cups and tablespoons, and serious bakers know that weighing ingredients results in more consistent confections. If you’ve heard the same thing from your bestie, this is the gift for her.

Hand Made Baking

11. Hand Made Baking by Kamran Siddiqi ($30): Designed to entice young bakers, this book is figuratively infectious. If you wrap it for the passionate baker on your list, be prepared for some serious return on investment.

Tin Cake Stand

12. Tin Cake Stand ($20): They put statues on pedestals, so why not cakes? Give your fave baker a stand to showcase her museum-worthy edible art.

Kitchen Quick Chart

13. Kitchen Quick Chart ($27): Pop quiz: How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? Quarts in a gallon? Give this cheat sheet to your friend who can’t remember.

Fortune Cakes

14. Fortune Cupcake Liners ($12): That future will definitely come true as long as you eat the whole thing ;)

Carrot Whisk

15. Carrot Whisk ($15): If you’re asking why, we reply, why not? Break out this adorable tool whether the batter is carrot cake or anything… well, not carrot-related.

Peppermint Cookies

16. Holiday Cookie Gift Pack ($35): Worried that the baker on your list will feel a little insulted by a premade cookie dough? Don’t be. This dough is totally customizable, so they’ll be inspired to craft cookies into the wee hours of the morn.

Reindeer Mug Kit

17. Reindeer Mug Kit ($29): This one ain’t exclusively for the baking brood, but we think they’ll love it as much as the next DIYer. Along with a ceramic mug and porcelain pen for decorating, the kit comes with a reindeer cookie cutter so you can dunk your gingerbread right into your cocoa. YUM!

Pot Holder and Mitt Set

18. Potholder + Mitt Set ($25): Oven mitts are kind of like cute socks and undies: A baker can never have enough.

Hey bakers, what’s on your holiday wish list? Tell us in the comments.