While it looks like we may have to wait until the holiday season to binge watch the Gilmore Girls revival, each photo from the Gilmore聽Girls set makes us more excited for our favorite television mother-daughter duo returning to our screens. Not only did the show feature two strong females as the leads, but both were smart, independent and successful鈥 along with sometimes being selfish, emotional and insecure. In other words: real. And that鈥檚 to say nothing of their layered, complex and steadfast relationship. So in honor of Mother鈥檚 Day, we鈥檙e sharing five Gilmore Girl moments that made us wish we were Lorelai鈥檚 adopted second daughter.


1. They鈥檙e foodies. Ok, maybe not foodies (the Pop-Tart obsession is probably an automatic disqualification for that title), but they do love food and get down with all our favorite indulgences. We鈥檙e talking tacos, pizza, Chinese food, ice cream and so much candy. We鈥檇 love to spend our Friday nights on the Gilmore couch with junk food 鈥 though we鈥檇 probably add a cocktail (or two).


2. They鈥檙e addicted to coffee. And while we鈥檙e not sure the purists would be into some of our favorite new coffee gadgets, we do know the promise of Luke鈥檚 coffee every morning is reason enough for us to change our last name to Gilmore.


3. They never give up on love. Both Gilmore girls had their fair share of romances and break ups. And even after getting their hearts shattered into a million pieces by the likes of Dean, Max, Christopher, Luke, Jess and Logan, they continue to put themselves back out there. Their hope and positivity is refreshing and sweet.


4. They鈥檝e got each other鈥檚 backs. Navigating familial relationships is always tricky; even the best ones suffer from miscommunication, hurt feelings, frustrations and anger. It鈥檚 how you come back from those upsets that matter, and Lorelai and Rory always managed to not only forgive, but also truly learn something new about each other and themselves.


5. They get it. It being the levels of devotion we have to our favorite TV shows, theirs included. We just know if they were around today, Rory would binge House of Cards with us and Lorelai would be totally obsessed with Making a Murderer. Loving a show like the Gilmore Girls is absolutely a lifestyle and one we鈥檙e perfectly content embracing.

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(Featured image via Kevin Winter/Getty. Gifs via Warner Brother鈥檚 Television)