We know we love the term #girlboss, but all credit goes to Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso who coined the term for her rags-to-riches 2014 autobiography. Sophia, who started Nasty Gal as an eBay store at the age of 22, went on to build an e-commerce empire. Although she’s stepped down as CEO, Netflix announced back in February of this year that they’re turning her book into a TV series. Oh yeah, and she’s going to be a speaker at our Re:Make conference in San Francisco in a few weeks (get your tickets here!). In honor of Sophia’s impending TV show, we pulled together a list of nine other girl power TV shows and movies you should stream before #Girlboss drops.


1. A League of Their Own on Crackle: For anyone who hasn’t seen this classic film yet, do yourself a favor and queue it up. It’s the fictionalized story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, a real-life women’s professional baseball league that existed from 1943 to 1954. The movie stars Geena Davis, MADONNA, Lori Petty and Tom Hanks. (Photo via Columbia Pictures)


2. Jane the Virgin on Netflix and Hulu: The hit show is currently gearing up for season three, but to get you up to speed without giving too much away, Jane Villanueva is a brilliant, kickass and hardworking waitress/aspiring writer whose life gets complicated when she’s accidentally artificially inseminated… while still a virgin. (Photo via The CW)


3. Erin Brockovich on Amazon: The 2000 film won star Julia Roberts an Oscar — and for good reason. The film is based on the true story of the real Erin Brockovich, an unemployed single mom of three who goes to work as a paralegal and proceeds, despite all odds, to take down the gas and electricity corporation that has been slowly poisoning the water source in her hometown. (Photo via Getty)


4. Orange Is the New Black on Netflix: When it comes to bingeable TV shows, OITNB pretty much tops the list, and its cast is comprised almost entirely of women — and they are badass, hilarious and deeply human women. The story begins when 30-something NYC yuppie Piper Chapman is sentenced to 15 months in prison for a drug trafficking crime 10 years prior, but it grows to be so much more than that. (Photo via Netflix)


5. Marvel’s Agent Carter on Hulu: We first met Agent Peggy Carter through Captain America, and Hayley Atwell plays the character in both the films and in the TV show. Sure, she’s a regular human being in a superhero’s world, but she’s far from normal: She’s a secret agent. (Photo via ABC)


6. Legally Blonde on Hulu:Legally Blonde has been so deeply engrained in our collective pop culture psyche (“Vote for Elle!”), we forget there are some pretty inspirational themes embedded in the story. For those who have ever been underestimated, we can definitely relate to Elle. (Photo via MGM)


7. Younger on Amazon:Younger follows 40-year-old Liza Miller, who is starting over in the professional sphere following her divorce. Struggling to get out of debt, she realizes that getting a gig in publishing from the bottom is hard for a woman her age… so she decides to lie about it. The show stars Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff and Debi Mazar. (Photo via TV Land)


8. Young Adult on Hulu: Mavis Gary is a 37-year-old alcoholic ghost writer who returns to her hometown in Minnesota in pursuit of a married ex-boyfriend. Sure, she’s a pretty repugnant character, but the story follows Mavis through her lows and her very lows, and Charlize Theron plays her with plenty of empathy. In the end, Mavis has a lot of growing up to do, but it’s both devastating and inspiring to watch her do it. (Photo via Paramount Pictures)



9. Frances Ha on Netflix: This indie comedy-drama follows the tale of 27-year-old dancer Frances Halladay, who struggles with the humor and reality of being young and broke. The whole movie is filmed in black and white and stars the brilliant Greta Gerwig as the title character. (Photo via RT Features)

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