This rainbow hair color trend has us all in a tizzy. Seriously, who knew changing your hair color to one that not naturally found in nature could be so exciting? A bright, bold color completely changes your look and even if the hue is only temporary, it definitely makes you feel like a badass. Our “next hair color” Pinterest board is currently filled with Kylie’s mermaid locks, Kelly Ripa’s unicorn blue and the straight up Taste-the-Rainbow colombre hair and after today, we’re adding Jenny McCarthy’s new magenta tresses.


She posted this Instagram shot of herself looking like a sleek, svelte super hero with her new magenta hair, which she rocks like a boss. But let’s give some love to her hair and makeup team too.


Her hairstylist Julius Michael posted this shot from the process before the big reveal with the caption: “Sneak peek into the new #JennyMcCarthy if you look really close you’ll see what her new hair will be… Sometimes a 5am start is the best start. Glam by PBandJ. Hair by JuliusMichael. Makeup by the one and only @mspriscillanyc and it all went so smooth thanks to you @ortizarty. P.S. thank you @jennessy77 for the emergency calls at 1 am to get me three tubes of hair color.” Daaaaang. I guess a five in the morning start is what it takes to pull of such a transformation.

The hair made its official debut on Kathie Lee & Hoda. Jenny McCarthy may not look like the blonde Singled Out babe we’ll always know and love but we are digging the technicolor, superhero-lookin’ locks just as much.

What do you think of Jenny McCarthy’s new hair color? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t E Online, photos via Cindy Ord/Getty + @jennyannmccarthy + @juliusmichael1)