WTF Is Colombre Hair + Why You Will Want to Do It
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WTF Is Colombre Hair + Why You Will Want to Do It

Rainbow hair is awesome. One quick glance at Kelly Ripa’s new ‘do proves that. Whether you opt for some sand art hair or a My Little Pony-inspired mane, rocking a head full of color is a super fresh way to switch up your look. However, as amazing as a rainbow-colored head can look, it can also be super high maintenance. Especially if you have naturally dark hair. If you’ve been deterred from trying the trend just for that reason, we have a solution for you. Introducing: colombré.

Celebrity stylist Danny Moon tells POPSUGAR, “For colombré, rather than lightening the bottom half of the hair to a blond shade, the midshaft to the ends are transformed into a creative color, like blue, pink, purple, or turquoise. It leaves the top half of hair a darker, natural shade with a gradual shift down to creative color,” said Moon. We’ve seen the look sported with a range of colors, and we’ve also seen it with just one – it looks equally as cool either way.

Side note: We feel that it’s super important to mention that this colombréd beauty’s caption for her Insta snap was, “Who knew my first committed relationship in years would be with @manicpanicnyc?” We feel you, girl.

If you’ve been thinking about taking the color plunge, colombré could be a great way to jump on the bandwagon. Not only is it a slightly more subtle way to try out the look, but it’s also more evenly integrated with your natural locks, making it much less maintenance than a dye job that starts at the roots. If you need us, we’ll be at the salon.

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