Kraft bags have done us well. They’ve been used to gift a DIY present or two and have carried more than a few PB+Js to the lunchroom for us. But when you really want to impress with presentation, that brown paper needs to move aside. Glassine is the route you want to take, and we’ve got 12 DIYs to help you keep it classy with the translucent encasement.

1. Mylar Heart Treat Bags: Big reveal: We don’t think we’ve openly discussed this yet, but we’ve got it pretty bad for any project that uses mylar. (via Paper + Stitch)

2. Gilded Favor Bags: Table numbers. Napkin rings. Party favors. This DIY has just checked off three to-do items on your million-item-wedding-to-do list. (via Project Wedding)

3. Giant Confetti Project: The only thing better in life than confetti? Giant confetti. Leave it to Jordan from Oh Happy Day to come up with a sack full of fun. (via Project Wedding)

4. Polka Dot Envelope: Please tell us you’re the type of person who still gives mixed tapes to your friends. Oh, good. We knew you wouldn’t disappoint us. And that’s why we refuse to let you down. Here’s packaging for that very thoughtful gift of epic tunage. (via Florence Finds)

5. I’m Sweet On You Treat Bags: Yes. Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but chances are you’re sweet on someone at least one day out of the other 364. Let ‘em know how you feel with these free printables. (via Victory Paper Designs)

6. Bauhaus Collection: Hip, minimalist, geometric, perfect. (via For the Makers)

7. Fiesta Favor Bags: In case you haven’t heard, a little Americanized Mexican holiday called Cinco de Mayo is on the horizon. And while margaritas are always greatly appreciated, we also would like a galleta or two delivered in this festive bag. Oh, and the printable is free, so it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal for you to deliver on request. Please and thank you. (via Camille Styles)

8. Gem Lanterns: Before you go thinking that all glassine bags can do is act as treat holders, let us shatter your preconceived notions with these gem lanterns. If you’re going to have these at your next fete, please also have a bowlful of Starburst. Just looking at this image is inducing mad cravings over here. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

9. Business Cards: Business on the outside. Party in the middle. We dig your style. (via Blah to Tada!)

10. Foxy Faux Cross Stitch: Yep, your grandma’s favorite pastime is back in fashion, but rather than using a needle and thread, we’re resorting to more modern conventions like permanent markers and washi tape. (via Confetti Sunshine)

11. Perfect Polka Dot: Two steps. That’s all it takes to get these gilded gift wrappers. (via Inspiration Ave)

12. Crayon Garland: We totally realize we’ve already directed you toward this DIY in our watercolor wedding inspiration, but really, this is the most creative use of glassine we’ve seen to date. (via Hello Bee)

What are you making with glassine? Talk to us in the comments below.