Ok ok, you probably need boxes and a bit of string too. We took a rather glittery approach to the task of gift wrapping this year, which is making us very excited for festivities under the tree. Best of all, our approach is pretty, easy, and low cost.


鈥 Kraft boxes or paper (about $5 for 75 yards!)

鈥 Glitter

鈥 Mini clothespins

鈥 Stickers

鈥 Labels

鈥 Twine

鈥 Mod Podge

鈥 Glitter

First, gather your kraft boxes and paper.

Then, make it rain, glitter-style. Just kidding, but aren鈥檛 these glitter packets pretty?

Now round up your package adornments. Pretty simple and low-cost stuff, right?

Mix up your Mod Podge with some glitter.

Start painting the stickers and clothespins.

Use painter鈥檚 tape to create some designs for your labels, or just free style them.

Once everything has dried, step back and admire your creations. So pretty!

If you want to, you can even paint your boxes (but don鈥檛 paint the kraft paper, it will wrinkle).

You can use the stickers to decorate boxes or close the envelope of a card.

Now wrap with some baker鈥檚 twine and attach your card with your cute little clothespins. Beautiful!

How gorgeous are these glittery packages going to look under your tree?!

Happy holidays!

What鈥檚 your favorite way to wrap packages without using gift wrap? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Twitter or Facebook!