Let’s face it, your smartphone needs a BFF. It gets tossed around all day, every day: From bedside dock to smart purse to the charger at your desk, then maybe paired with a Bluetooth speaker at your friend’s house (Will it ever see Vifa again? What a whirlwind!). Well finally, we’ve found it a pretty constant companion in Glowdeck, your smartphone’s new home base. The rectangular desktop device is a notification center, wireless charger and speaker in one. And let’s just say, it’s going to seriously streamline your digital home life and give your phone a much-deserved rest.

At its most basic, Glowdeck is a wireless smartphone charger — just place your Qi-compatible phone on the center third of its surface to juice it up. Once it has reached 100% power, Glowdeck will automatically disable the charging surface to preserve the lifespan of your phone’s battery ‘cause, you know, it and your phone are cool like that.

You can totally let your phone cozy up to Glowdeck because once it’s down, it doesn’t need to be picked back up for basic functions like talking or texting. Instead, press down on Glowdeck’s surface to activate a voice assistant that responds to audible commands through its embedded noise canceling mic, which also works as a speakerphone.

Its stereo speaker system is high quality, too: Primed with an advanced Bluetooth module to transform that podcast streaming on your muffled smartphone into a smooth sonic experience that the whole room can enjoy. This 3-in-1 gadget is starting to seem like quite the overachiever, right? Just wait until you meet Streams.

Streams is a WiFi-enabled OS that’s smart. Really smart. Like, close to Samantha OS levels of smart. It syncs with your phone to bring you ALL of your digital notifications in ONE swanky stationary place. Once you enable the alerts and updates you want to see using the Glowdeck app, the device will display general info about each one you receive on its front-facing (though maybe a little too small?) screen. It will also log the event in your app, so that whenever you scamper off with your smartphone, your notifications are similarly organized on mobile.

If a digital display and audio cues aren’t enough to grab your attention at home, then the sleek LED light display sure will. Glowdeck is tricked out with a 56 multicolor LED array, which makes the device’s base glow when you receive a notification (ahh-ha, the name makes a lot more sense now!) The customizable feature can even be synced to your music in real time, providing quite the bedside light show.

So yeah, there’s a lot going on with Glowdeck. BUT all of its high-tech features really seem to flow, and that makes the device seem insanely inviting (plus, it would look pretty neat next to your turntable, right?). We’re not the only ones who think so. Glowdeck has more than doubled its Kickstarter goal with just under a month left before its campaign ends. For $190, you can spruce up your pad with a black acrylic edition (available wooden versions will cost you $215) and finally give your phone a place to call home.

Did Glowdeck floor you? Would you buy a home notification center for your place? What other kinds of gadgets are you using to help streamline your digital life at home? Tell us in the comments below.