This just in: we are color-obsessed. Not news to you? Okay fine, pops of color are pretty much our jam in every form imaginable. Color blocked cookies? Yeah, we got those. Shoes that pop? Done. And now, we’ve got a serious design crush on the new Vifa wireless speaker, available in oh-so-many colors!

Dubbed the Copenhagen, this speaker weaves years of refined audio craftsmanship with modern design. Danish soundhouse (we’re coining that term… now!) Vifa has been an innovator on the sound front since the 1930s in Denmark. Over the years, they’ve created loudspeaker units for many high-end brands, but only now are they delving into manufacturing a speaker of their own.

Based on Nordic design tradition, this speaker is function meets fashion in a seriously rocking way. It’s for music lovers who value design just as much as great sound. We can definitely get on board with that!

Like most wireless speakers, the Copenhagen can be connected via Bluetooth, Wifi, USB, or a 3.5mm mini-jack. It works with Apple AirPlay as well!

To personalize the experience, Vifa offers the Copenhagen in six vibrant hues made from eco-friendly high-quality wool textiles. And the names of each color are just as dreamy as the speaker: Sunset Red, Sand Yellow, Ocean Blue, Ice Blue, Anthracite Grey, and Pebble Grey. #colorswoon

Our favorite part is definitely the handle, a nod to the old school boom boxes we grew up with. It makes it easy to carry around the house, around the block, or, maybe, you could attach a carrying strap to it! :)

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen speakers playing the color game. About a year and a half ago, Jambox announced the ability to customize the colors of your Jambox, and we were all about it.

So, it should be no surprise that the Copenhagen is officially on our gadget wish list — what’s on yours? Talk to us in the comments below.