Tired of spaghetti and penne and rigatoni and orecchiette? Sounds like it’s time for a carb switch up. Gnocchi are little pillows of super Italian powers. And while they’re generally made with boring old potatoes, we’ve decided to put our Brit + Co. spin on them and share 21 absolutely amazing alternative recipes for gnocchi.

1. Mix + Match: What better way to start than with a recipe for four different kinds of gnocchi?! Potato, spinach, beet, carrot! (via The New York Times)

2. Potato + Broccoli: If you’ve got a little one who refuses to eat their veggies, try out this broccoli gnocchi. They’ll be fascinated with the green pasta and won’t even realize they’re eating the same veggies they used to hate. (via I Am Not a Celebrity)

3. Celery Root: If you’re wondering why this isn’t green, it’s because it’s made from celery root. Today’s the day to experiment with a new vegetable. (via Be Miam)

4. Spinach + Ricotta: Spinach and ricotta go so well together, so open wide and get pumped. (via The Kitchen Paper)

5. Corn Gnocchi: Calling all Corn Belt dwellers. You’ll be putting that abundance of kernels to good use this summer. (via Salty Seattle)

6. Sweet Potato: Sweet potatoes aren’t just for the holidays. Oh no. They’re deliciously vitamin packed all 365 to keep you healthy all year long. (via Gourmet)

7. Clean Eating Pumpkin: Snacking — it’s a way of life. And that’s why it’s always great to find a guilt-free-ish snack. (via The Skinny Fork)

8. Dandelion + Mustard Greens: Yeah, that’s right. We said dandelion. And yes, you’re going to eat their greens. (via The Garum Factory)

9. Beetroot Gnocchi: Talk about adding a pop of color to your meal! (via Coconut + Vanilla)

10. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Ricotta: And because you can never have too many pumpkin gnocchi recipes in your life, here’s to seconds. Why? Because. Ricotta. (via The Bojon Gourmet)

11. Butternut Squash: We realize it’s not exactly butternut squash season right now, so just bookmark this recipe and use it later in the year. (via Due Spaghetti)

12. Sweet Potato + Brown Butter: Remember the Food Network’s show Ask Aida? Well, Aida’s back with a fantastic recipe for sweet potato and brown butter gnocchi. (via Aida Mollenkamp)

13. Easy Ricotta Gnocchi: Apparently, gnocchi and ricotta go hand in hand. Absolutely no complaints over here. (via Budget Bytes)

14. Avocado Gnocchi: The more avocados you consume, the better your life will be. Italian proverb. (via Veggie Wedgie)

15. Carrot Gnocchi: Vitamin A packed carrots add a ton of flavor and color to gnocchi. It’s time to improve your eyesight, everyone. (via Vegalicious)

16. Italian Grandmother’s Gnocchi: Not Italian? Not a problem. We’re passing this traditional gnocchi recipe on to you, just like your nonna would have… if you had a nonna. (via 101 Cookbooks)

17. Garlic + Cauliflower: If you’re a little reluctant to cook with cauliflower, don’t be. This recipe is too good to pass up. Garlic and cauliflower are a great combination, and when paired with Brussels sprouts and lemon zest, some crazy science happens and out comes the most magical meal you’ve ever had. (via Reclaiming Provincial)

18. Kalamata Olive: We’re going Greek! Kalamata olives will add a salty bite to each and every one of those little pillows of perfection. (via Mulberry and Pomegranate)

19. Peach Gnocchi: Will you get a load of this? Peach gnocchi! Yup, you can even make the stuff out of fruit. (via 101 Cookbooks)

20. Roasted Garlic: Vampires take heed. Actually everyone with a mouth take heed. You’re definitely going to want to make this tonight. But please, no heavy make out sessions post feasting. (via Our Kitchen Island)

21. Vegan Lemon: And last but not least, a light and lemony gnocchi in honor of spring and summer. (via Nothing But Delicious)

What vegetable would you want to see made into gnocchi? Drop us a line in the comments below!