Oh hello there, Golden Globes! You’re back! And this is certainly a year to watch, especially if you want to cheer on the powerful women currently sweeping the TV and film industry, like BFFs Amy Schumer and J Law. Whether you’re hosting an awards show watch party or you’re attending one and hunting for something to bring for the hostess, we’ve got you covered. Scroll on for essentials that are sure to make your watch party an unforgettable one.


1. Real Grenadine ($7): The out-of-this-world flavor of this grenadine will certainly inspire you to whip up some wonderful cocktails for your watch party. The best part is that if you’ve got friends who don’t love to drink, or have kids in tow, this grenadine takes Shirley Temples to the next level.

laptop stand

2. Laptop Stand ($16): All of us who choose streaming over cable understand how critical the perfect angle is to viewing pleasure. This laptop stand makes it easy peasy and looks good too.

sal and pep

3. Salt and Pepper Bitters ($17): Here’s another delicious thing to come out of Brooklyn. Hella Bitter’s salt and pepper version includes an aromatic bitter and a citrus bitter. Yummy cocktails ahoy!

smart app

4. Smart Scale and App ($100): This little guy does so much more than weigh ingredients: It computes substitutions (vegans and vegetarians, rejoice!) and resizes recipes at the tap of a button.

chalkboard sign

5. Chalkboard Signs ($6): These chalkboard signs are basically made for a Golden Globes watch party. When the nominees are announced, each person can scribble their vote on their sign and share either before or after the announcement of the winner. Keep track of who gets the most right for a lighthearted layer of competition on top. (Drinking games, anyone?).

table runner

6. Table Runner ($60): If you’re hosting dinner or simply drinks, add a little style to your table with this super cute table runner. It’s made from acrylic yarn and cotton, so if spills occur (and they always do), you can just toss it in the wash.

apple tv station

7. Apple TV Station ($32): Add style and organization to your Apple TV and overall electronics situation with this chic bamboo station.


8. Superman Apron ($25): You already know you’re Superman in the kitchen, and this apron lets you share it candidly with the rest of the world too.

cake plate

9. Jade Cake Plate ($55): Elevate your cake creations to the level they deserve with this jade cake plate. Dessert will become the center of your meal, and your guests will love you for it.

chalk balloons

10. Chalkboard Balloons Kit ($20): Custom balloons and the ability to draw on things are combined in this kit, basically spelling out joy and fun for the young and young at heart.


11. Jigger ($12): If you’re whipping up cocktails, indulge yourself in a jigger that sports a beautifully minimal design and will deliver the right proportions every single time.


12. Citrus Napkin ($28): The beauty of the summery colors that this napkin sports are made better only by the fact that they’re hand painted. If you’re looking to vamp up your place setting game, but don’t want to do a complete overhaul, some great napkins are where it’s at.

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