The Golden Globes are right around the corner, and it’s one of the best excuses to grab your best pals and have them over for a night of dishing on dresses and remembering your favorite movies from the past year. Here are eight quick tips on how to throw together a party for Sunday’s Golden Globes — or any other award show on the horizon.


1. Send Invites: Start with a fun invitation. We love the award show options from Paperless Post.


2. Eat Your Hearts Out: Plan your menu. Whenever we host gals for awards shows we almost always do an appetizer pot luck. It makes it super easy — and everyone brings their favorites. Just be sure to ask what people are bringing so you don’t have too many duplicates. Prefer to make everything yourself? Check out these Easy Recipes to Feed a Crowd or make some fun pizzas ahead of time.


3. Pour Those Cocktails: Your guests are guaranteed to be thirsty, so why not quench that thirst with bubbles? Any type of sparkling wine is a no-brainer for a Golden Globes Party. You can keep it simple by pouring bubbly or if you feel like getting creative, check out these 15 Champagne Cocktails and pick a few for your party.


4. Get Out There and Vote: Printable ballots are a must (cash wagers optional!), but take it up a notch and create Golden Globes Bingo cards for guests to play during the red carpet segment and the actual awards. Spot a yellow dress? See an actress named Jennifer? Somebody cries? You get the idea!


5. Dress the Part: Encourage your guests to dress as their favorite celeb or character from this year’s nominees. This requires a little effort, but is sure to result in a few laughs. Easiest costume? Go as Reese Witherspoon in Wild. No makeup or hair brushing required!


6. Take Your Popcorn to the Next Level: Pretend like it’s a night at the movies by offering upgraded popcorn. (Chile lime tequila popcorn, anyone?) Or perhaps offer your favorite movie chocolate alongside hot popcorn and let guests create their own savory and sweet melty mix!


7. Serve Some Sugar: Satisfy your sweet tooth with cookies laced with all of your favorite movie-theater candy.


8. Set Up Shop: Now that you’re prepped for the party, make sure you take care of the basics before your guests arrive, empty your trash and recycling, have plates, glasses and napkins at the ready and make sure your dishwasher is empty.

Now on with the show! Let us know what you’re planning for you party in the comments below!