From hard-boiled to sunny side up to over easy, we know of at least 99 ways to cook an egg, but scrambled in-shell ain’t one of them… until now. The Goose is a hand-powered kitchen gadget that can scramble the contents of an egg right inside the shell. Whether you can’t boil an egg or you’ve been known to make deviled eggs that Martha Stewart herself would envy, the Goose can help you whip up a gaggle of perfectly cooked eggs in no time.


Known as “Golden eggs” due to their yellow color rather than white shade beneath the shell, in-shell scrambled eggs are actually a highly coveted delicacy among die-hard foodies. It’s hard to find these little guys in restaurants, and there haven’t been any formal utensils available to make them at home. To prevent home chefs from embarking on a wild goose chase for these miracle breakfast companions, Chicago-based Y Line Product Design developed the Goose as part of a boutique line of creative culinary gadgets.


The gizmo relies on centrifugal force to scramble eggs without breaking the shell. To cook up eggs to scrambled perfection, all you have to do is plop an egg in the cradle, close and twist the ring until you hear a click and then swing and pull the handles until you hear the eggs scramble. The alternating rotation mixes the white and yolk inside the Goose, “laying” fresh and flavorful golden eggs with no whisks or whipping required!

There are as many uses — if not more — for Golden eggs as there are for traditional eggs. Eat them fried, pickled, atop salads or substituted for hard-boiled eggs in any recipe for a creamier, more decadent way to get your protein. As a bonus, the cradle of the Goose is food safe, dishwasher safe and designed to fit eggs of many shapes and sizes.

Check out the video below to see the Goose in action, or head to the company’s website to snag a Goose of your own for $24.


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(Photos and gif via Goose and Kickstarter/Goose)