Out with the old and in with the extremely new. That’s the hope for plenty of smart appliances that are coming down the pipeline for consumers to add to their kitchens. From 3D printers that produce chocolate creations and sweet treats to devices that make meal prep way easier, our homes are about to get a lot more Jetsons-esque. The future of meal, snack and beverage making will not only be cooler, but it will also be smarter than the appliances you’re working with in your kitchen today.

With that in mind, Brit + Co teamed up with The Hershey Company to share 10 kitchen gadgets that are looking to claim a space on your countertop in the coming years. And if you were in San Francisco for Re:Make last week, you got to check out the CocoJet IRL.

1. CocoJet: Is there anything better than a piece of chocolate customized for you? Beautiful and delicious come together in Hershey’s new 3D chocolate printer, which will soon be printing customizable treats for you at home and when you’re out on the town. To provide innovative sweets, Hershey’s food experts and its innovation team partnered with 3D Systems for its latest venture to make the most advanced 3D chocolate printer. Hershey is going beyond simple confections to give bakers, chocolatiers and home cooks endless opportunities to print custom designs in dark, milk or white chocolate. With the CocoJet you can create chocolate pieces that have intricate, custom designs with textures and shapes not possible with traditional chocolate moulding. Hershey’s printer will be able to print anything your heart desires… the sky’s the limit! Everything from a logo to animals, people and places. Before you know it, you’ll have this CES fave in your home to express your creativity through chocolate, watching those projects print right before your eyes… and then enjoying them the second they’re done ;)

How cool is 3D printed chocolate? Do you think 3D printing is the future of food? Weigh in here:

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2. ChefJet: The first professional-grade culinary 3D printer, the ChefJet Pro brings unprecedented design potential to the culinary arts. Utilizing a variety of confectionary recipes, including sugar, frosting and candy in a variety of flavors, the ChefJet Pro, also from 3D Systems, can create bespoke confections for an unlimited array of applications—sculptural, ornate cake and cupcake toppers, bespoke candies and mints, delicate latticework over which a cocktail is poured and logo sugar cubes to sweeten coffee at a corporate event, just to name a few.


3. Genie: If you’ve been wanting to eat better without all of the prep work, this future private chef machine is exactly what you’re looking for. With the Genie, all you have to do is place an eco-friendly Genie Smart Baking Pod into the smart device, and voila — you’ve got a meal. Baking pods are made up of natural baking ingredients mixed with freeze-dried fruits and veggies with no added preservatives — and, bonus, they have a shelf life of over a year! After placing your ingredient pod of choice into the device, a five-star meal pops out ready for you to eat in less than a minute. It’s not magic; it’s a genie.

4. June Intelligent Oven: We’re big fans of this intelligent oven, and it’s most likely because we recently got to have brunch from it ;) The computer-based, app-connected countertop appliance makes meal prep easier thanks to its built-in camera, a touchscreen control panel that gives you the possibility of a variety of cooking methods, sensors to perfectly cook your food and so much more. You’ll most likely be asking yourself how you ever survived once it’s released next spring.

5. Maid: If you thought a maid was just for cleaning, you’d better think again. This multi-functional device has a top-heater and acts as a conventional oven and microwave all in one. That’s right — one gadget can serve up a full kitchen experience even if you don’t have space for all of those appliances separately. In addition to baking and grilling or using the stovetop for your meals, Maid also will teach you how to cook an endless amount of dishes step-by-step through voice instructions. Better yet, the appliance learns about your diet based on what you cook to efficiently recommend dining options for you, while also being smart enough to never over- or under- cook baked goods and dishes. What can’t this maid do?!

6. Countertop: Give all of your kitchen appliances a smarter purpose with the help of this genius device. Acting as a hub for things like a Vitamix blender, a crockpot and fitness trackers, Countertop shows you how to eat right and get the most out of those appliances by offering up recipes catered to your needs at any given moment in your day, like a recovery smoothie post-run.

7. Rotimatic: Constantly craving a roti (an Indian flatbread) or a wrap for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Then this magical device is the one you are gonna want to pre-order immediately. Fill its canisters with wheat flour, adjust the thickness and roast level to the way you like your rotis prepped and the Rotimatic will be popping out a flatbread every minute for however long you request.

8. Sereneti: Stirring and tossing veggies and the plethora of other ingredients you add to your pan endlessly is time consuming and leaves your hands too occupied to complete other tasks — like setting the table. This machine does that tedious skillet mixing job for you, allowing you to help the kids with homework, feed the animals and tidy up the house, all while dinner is being cooked.

9. Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop: Yeah, the stovetop is definitely in need of an overhaul, and that’s what Whirlpool is looking to do with this interactive cooktop. Featuring recipes, social media updates, news, weather and more, it’s as if you have a huge tablet right alongside your stove helping you create some kitchen magic. Just use the voice controlled feature so you make sure you don’t burn yourself — or the house down. Though we’re pumped about this development, it’s still five years out, so the old-school gas/electric unit will have to do for the foreseeable future.

10. Artist: Admit it — none of us can replicate what our baristas make us every morning at our fave coffee spot. But just because we physically can’t doesn’t mean a machine can’t. This innovative coffee brewer will totally transform your morning, afternoon and evening caffeine or caffeine-free drinks courtesy of its various smart functions. The aptly named Artist knows to change its brewing methods based on the type of beans you’re using, and combines the perfect amount of milk, coffee and syrups for consistently perfect drinks every time. You can start the brewing process from an app on your phone, which also gives you access to hundreds of recipes from professional baristas. You’ll never go back to a basic coffee maker — or even a coffee shop — again. Oh, and it cleans up after itself. Score!

Which futuristic kitchen appliance do you want most in your home? Let us know in the comments.

This post is a collaboration with Brit + Co and The Hershey Company.