Ask almost anyone and they鈥檒l tell you that celebrity kids hit the genetic jackpot. As it turns out, however, all that fame doesn鈥檛 exempt them from having awkward teenage moments with the parentals just like the rest of us: Just ask Kate Hudson!

The Sisters actress sat down with Jimmy Kimmel for Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday to reveal how even movie star moms can embarrass the hell out of you. The incident in question came when Hudson, now 38, and older brother Oliver, 41, threw a party she thought her parents would be out of town for back in their late teens.

鈥淲e were like guys, parents are out of town, come on over! We thought it was gonna be like 20 people, and but like 50 of our friends were at the house, and we鈥檙e having a blast,鈥 she explains. 鈥淎nd all of a sudden, the door flings open, and it鈥檚 my mother.鈥 Uh oh!

While having your mom walk in on your secret party would be rough enough, the embarrassment didn鈥檛 end at her presence. 鈥淪he was in a negligee,鈥 the mother of two recalls. Oof!

Luckily, Hawn knew just how to play it off. 鈥淪he looked around, as you would think she would in one of her films, just like, looking around, and then she鈥 goes to the lights, and she turns the lights way down, and she goes, 鈥楰ids, lighting is everything.鈥 And then she left!鈥

The Pretty Fun: Creating and Celebrating a Lifetime of Tradition ($19) author鈥檚 friends didn鈥檛 seem to mind too much. In fact, they thought Hawn鈥檚 reaction was badass. 鈥淓verybody was like, 鈥榊our mom is SO cool,鈥 and Ollie and I were like, 鈥楴o, it鈥檚 gonna be SO bad in the morning.鈥欌 Ay yi yi!

Watch the hilarious interview in its entirety below!

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(Photo via Araya Diaz + Chris Weeks/Getty)