Heads up, women with natural hair: There’s a new beauty boutique to add to your bucket list. The days of recreating a Drybar at home will soon be a thing of the past, as the latest quick-service salon is finally serving the needs of ladies with natural, textured hair.

drybar for natural hair

GoodHair Salon, founded by #girlboss Folake Oguntebi, is looking to reinvent textured hair care one appointment at a time. The quick-service hair salon, which recently exceeded its $15,000 funding goal on Plum Alley by raising $17,530 from 196 funders, focuses on healthy hair care for women with textured hair (i.e. kinky, coily, curly + wavy hair, whether it’s relaxed, natural or somewhere in between). The company promises it is “good for your hair” because it uses natural, non-toxic products that are designed to keep textured hair healthy while also being “good for your schedule” courtesy of its fast service, online booking and extended hours to accommodate every working lady’s schedule.

Folake explained why she chose to incorporate “good hair” into her salon’s name considering its deep, negative connotations in the black community to The Cut. “I had a lot of hesitation around it for that very reason. But I have a good friend who was part of the crowdfunding campaign; I told her I just liked the name, I think it’s cool — but she convinced me that we could make this more about changing the way people define good hair. There is so much enthusiasm around embracing your hair’s natural texture, whether it’s toward the right of the chart or somewhere in the middle or not. It just felt like an awesome opportunity to be provocative, but in a way that hopefully is encouraging.” We <3 this response!

drybar for natural hair

To keep that fast-service promise, there are only two options on GoodHair’s menu — wash + blowout or wash + style. Those limited options help to expedite the process, allowing working women to get in and out during lunch or before a morning meeting.

We were curious about the customer experience at GoodHair Salon. Luckily Folake gave the rundown to The Cut, and it sounds like a spa visit with drinks and snacks offered upon arrival and aromatherapy-infused treatments. They even open early (7AM!) to accommodate busy women’s schedules.

Though GoodHair just closed up its midtown New York-based pop-up, the company already has plans for a brick-and-mortar salon to launch in 2016. Fingers crossed for a nationwide expansion not too long after that.

Are you hoping GoodHair Salon expands to have shops nationwide? Share your thoughts in the comments.

(h/t The Cut, photos via @good.hair + @good.hair)