Are you still getting used to Google’s new logo? Have you been having fun with the latest Instagram features? Currently wishing you could get those cool new Twitter overlays? Same.

When you aren’t procrastinating with those social media outlets and pondering the decisions of Google’s designers to try and forget about work you should be playing with the search engine’s latest function: fun facts.

google fun facts

All you’ve gotta do to have a little midday fun is type “fun facts” into Google’s search box and you will instantly learn about anything and everything you never thought you needed to know about, but are fascinated to learn the answers to.

Set up Jeopardy style — a good ole Q + A session — you’ll be finding out when Walt Disney was born, how far apart Russia and Alaska are and so many more answers to life’s queries. Click the blue “Ask Another Question” button and you’ll instantly get an answer to another mystery solved STAT.

After passing the time with this feature you’ll either become everyone’s new fave source of knowledge or the most annoying person at the party spewing off useless info. The choice is up to you ;)

Have you tried out this Google feature? Are you hooked on it? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t The Next Web)