We all get worried about our health at the first sign of an irregular symptom going down with our body. Thanks to the Internet, our first course of action is to Google those symptoms, inevitably leading us down a WebMD rabbit hole.

Now Google is looking to help you diagnose those health concerns of yours without making you freak the eff out at the same time. While that’s a reassuring plan of action, it’s most likely not going to deter the “OMG I’M GONNA DIE!” thoughts IRL. Regardless, what Google is doing with its health updates is mega efficient, whether it makes you go insane or not.

google health info

Back in February, the company that reinvented the alphabet introduced a health information function. The feature allows users to search a condition and a blue box will show up at the top of the search results (similar to lyrics + fun facts searches) with about, symptoms and treatments tabs.

The quick, useful details allow you to get all the essential info you need without having to click through to a page, making self-diagnosis more efficient. With the newest update, Google health information searches now include details on more than 900 health conditions along with visuals. Googlers can also download a PDF of a “diagnosis” to take to an actual doctor’s visit, because while Google did consult and work closely with a team of MDs to curate and validate all of these search results, it’s still best to discuss your symptoms IRL.

Now go forth and Google your symptoms at your own risk. Just please, please, please don’t have a mental and physical breakdown after reading the results.

Do you feel like you will be overusing this new WedMD-like Google feature? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Marie Claire)