Clearly you *can* teach an old dog new tricks. The old dog we’re talking about right now is your favorite factchecker, Google. Want to know the temperature in the city you’re traveling to? Google it and the answer appears below without having to click on to Want to calculate what your roommate owes you this month in bills? Type your math problem in the search bar and Google adds up the answer without making you open your calculator app. But the latest hack up the search engine’s sleeve might just win a bet or two for you. Especially in a karaoke battle.


You already turn to Google to call up confusing lyrics on demand (or, admit it, to make that perfect pun in your social status). Now, instead of directing you to some site lyric search that’s light on the UI design, it’s cutting out the middleman and serving up the correct lyrics after you press enter.


Google’s lyric trick isn’t foolproof; there are tunes out there that the search engine either can’t crack the code to, hasn’t heard of (guess Google’s not as indie as you, bro) or might not have the rights to. As Newsweek points out, Google’s riding a fine legal line here. Some lyric search sites have struggled with copyright issues so there’s no guarantee that Google will always help you prep for your next Nicki rap battle.

But it sure does make us a little nostalgic for CD booklets.

What’s your favorite Google search trick? What is the last song you Googled? Share below!