Road trip season is here, which means you and your car will be spending a LOT more time together. While we would all love for Xzibit to pimp our ride, we can easily settle for a small (and affordable) makeover that we will love just as much. Here are some rad car accessories that will upgrade your ride and bring it to a whole other level, all for under $50.


1. Dash Table Planter ($48): Instead of putting a cup in the cup holder (so 2014!), place a baby planter to add some greenery and some much-needed plant life to your automobile.


2. Colored Rim Sunglasses ($26): Every car needs a set of easily accessible sunglasses. And with glasses as colorful as these, who needs double rainbows anyways?


3. Car Scent Diffuser ($10): While fast food might be tasty, let’s not forget the not-so-yummy smell that lingers afterwards. Use this car diffuser to get rid of any unwanted smells from your vehicle with a nice scent that won’t be too overpowering.


4. Gilded Portable Charger ($40): No matter what kind of device you’re sportin’, this charger is a must for your long rides across town.


5. A Travel Guide Card Set ($5): Make your car ride an adventure by following these travel instructions from Magda Lipka Falck’s travel guide. It’ll turn your boring ride into a drive you won’t soon forget.


6. Dottie Umbrella ($28): When the weather is fickle and you don’t want to get caught in wet conditions, put this beauty in the back seat of your car for a stylish, rainstorm-fighting ‘brella.


7. Seat Pak Organizer ($28): Why have your car be a complete mess when you can have everything tucked away in its own special place? Buy this handy case for your car to keep everything so fresh and so clean AND organized.


8. Car Caddy ($20): Don’t lose your cellphone ever again with this cute caddy. While texting and driving is a no-no in our books, it’s good to know where your phone is for those emergencies you just can’t avoid.


9. DJ Jazzy Jeff Air Freshener ($5): Keep it funky fresh with this air freshener. With its coconut scent, every day will be summa summa summatime.


10. Knit Photo Frame ($22): Place this guy near your speedometer to always get a quick glimpse of your loved ones while you are on the road.

How would you upgrade your car? Tell us in the comments below!