Just when you thought the only thing you needed in this world was Netflix, a tub of ice cream and comfy jammies, there’s another movie streaming service that’s going to shake up your Friday nights. Especially if you’re an indie movie fanatic, you’re going to have a hard time getting away from your laptop with the news we’re about to share with you.


Earlier this month, Vimeo revealed that it would be allowing creators to offer a monthly subscription service for viewers. This means viewers can get unlimited access to videos they subscribe to each month (woo!). Although Vimeo has offered Vimeo on Demand since 2013, this new feature makes it more affordable for viewers to access content on a regular basis. This way, if you couldn’t get enough of Vimeo’s first original series High Maintenance (which was recently acquired by HBO), you can now purchase a monthly subscription.


If you’re thinking that Vimeo won’t even compare to Netflix, you might want to think again. With indie comedies like Man Up or romantic dramas like I Believe in Unicorns, you’ll definitely want to see what this new streaming service is all about. Plus, you might find yourself falling in love with a few quirky films or super interesting documentaries.

Now, we can’t say if Vimeo will replace Netflix or Hulu anytime soon. But what you can expect is access to high-quality video content without any distractions. It’s important to remember that Vimeo mostly publishes content from indie filmmakers, so you probably won’t be able to catch up on the latest episodes of New Girl. However, if you’re looking for a good indie movie for your Friday flick, Vimeo might be your best option.

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