Ladies, let’s be real for a minute. Thongs are kind of the worst. We’ve all had those moments where we’ve ducked into a corner to take care of a serious wedgie situation. But what’s the alternative? Granny panties? Well, it just might be. The New York Times released a piece yesterday about the underwear millennials are really wearing. They report, “Sales of thongs decreased 7 percent over the last year, while sales of fuller styles — briefs, boy shorts and high-waist briefs — have grown a collective 17 percent.” Has everyone secretly been wearing granny panties this whole time? It’s looking that way. But hey, full-bottomed underwear doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. Here are seven granny panties that will have you only wanting to wear thongs on your feet.


1. The Lacy Brief ($36-48): If you’ve yet to experience the comfort and practicality of Dear Kate’s underwear, now’s the time. The Lucy Brief offers a sexy, satin panel while also incorporating the brand’s revolutionary, patent-pending fabric that’s built to wick away sweat and prevent stains.


2. Cheetah Printed High-Waist Brief ($32): Still think granny panties can’t be sexy?


3. Pug and Daisy Briefs ($8): Because what’s really better than dogs and flowers?


4. No-Show Sexy Cheeky Panty ($13): To avoid the dreaded panty line, grab a pair of these no-show Victoria’s Secret panties complete with no-slide edges that stay in place all day.


5. Casablanca Panty ($81): If you’re looking for some serious lingerie, here’s a surefire way to pull off the trend in a totally sexy way.


6. Varsity Striped Boyshort ($6): Sporty Spice, is that you?


7. 3-pack Cotton Hipster Briefs ($10): Because basics don’t have to be boring.


8. 7-Day Underwear Pack ($40): ’70s style FTW.


9. Underella Wildflower Lace Hipsters ($34): Spring has officially arrived.


10. Everly Lace Cheeky Boyshort ($8): If you’re not super sold on the granny panty style, rock this lacey, purple pair that’s kind of a mix between a brief and a thong.

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