Step aside, tiny homes, there’s a new architecture movement on the rise and it just so happens to look like a page straight out of our favorite books (and movies) of all time – and you don’t even need a ticket to Middle Earth to get there.

Piggybacking off Tolkien’s hobbit house concept, a company called Green Magic Homes has created a new kind of eco-friendly house that is designed to exist under a layer of grass and soil. The best part? You can DIY the whole thing yourself. Yes, really.

Here’s how it works: Green Magic Homes will ship all the pieces required to assemble this small space anywhere in the world. Think: the IKEA version of a house. Each component has perforated flaps to screw and seal each other. You then anchor each to the foundation. If you’re looking to add electricity and water, you’ll need to bring in an expert for that. Without those two commodities though, assembly of a one bedroom cabin is expected to take three days with the help of three people. A three-bedroom house would take around five or six day – still not much considering you’re building a HOUSE.

Once the structure is built, just add dirt and grass. Or, if you want to go super green you can use some of the house to create a vertical garden.

Built from prefabricated shells made from Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), the homes are waterproof and designed to withstand strong winds and earthquakes. The coating of dirt, grass and possibly even other plants also allows for added insulation, which makes the space to stay warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.

If you’re drooling over the idea of bringing your ultimate Pinterest home to life, it actually won’t cost you all that much (well, relatively speaking). Green Magic Home’s smallest option, the WAIKIKI pad (404.61 square feet) comes in around $15K, which is basically the price of a new car. Hmm, should we save the earth with a new Toyota Prius or by actually living out our dream of permanently chilling in a hobbit home? Decisions, decisions.

Would you ever live in one of these modern houses? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Green Magic Homes)