Throw your hair up, put on a comfy outfit and grab a mug of tea: It’s officially cozy season. And with that comes the much-loved pastime of curled-up couch reading. Looking for something new to devour as that winter weather creeps in? There’s something for everyone: mermen, cats, Dita Von Teese and more. Check out one of these new titles, out this month, and stay on top of your reading list.


1. This Raging Light by Estelle Laure ($18): Lucille’s life is kind of a mess, but she falls in love with her best friend’s brother and everything changes. Estelle Laure’s debut YA novel will please even those that learn toward more mature tastes, all thanks to her powerful lyricism and gorgeous storytelling. (out December 22)


2. The Trouble With Destiny by Lauren Morrill ($18): One part band camp, one part cruise ship and a quest to win a $25,000 prize — there’s a lot of quirk to love in this novel from author Lauren Morrill. And of course, there’s a crush involved. This book is sure to be a quick read for those looking to entertain themselves for a rainy afternoon. (out December 8)

not if i see you first

3. Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom ($18): Parker is a teen whose life revolves around her rules pertaining to her blindness — rules such as “Don’t help me unless I ask” and “Don’t be weird.” But her world gets turned upside down when a guy from the past comes back, and her landscape and rules are forced to change. (out December 1)


4. On Cats by Charles Bukowski ($26): Cat fanatics and fans of Charles Bukowski, you now have something in common. Bukowski heralds the feline through his powerful words with a touch of humor, although the book never makes fun of the animal that he calls “the beautiful devil.” (out December 1)


5. Your Beauty Mark by Dita Von Teese ($45): Billed as “The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Humor,” this beauty tome from Dita Von Teese shares the star’s beauty routine, in addition to advice from others who share her perspective, ranging from health and wellness experts to hairstylists and scent gurus. At 400 pages, this book is a must-have for anyone who is a fan of the burlesque beauty. (out December 1)


6. Drawing Blood by Molly Crabapple ($30): Fire-eater, model, portraitist, artist — these are just a few of the monikers first-time author Molly Crabapple uses to describe herself. The book itself is a visual delight, telling her fascinating personal story in both words and illustrations like nothing else out there. The contributing editor for VICE is sure to weave a tale you’ve never heard before. (out December 1)


7. It’s. Nice. Outside.: A Novel by Jim Kokoris ($25): Need a laugh? This fictional account of the Nichols family will certainly provide it. John, the father of three, is still in love with his ex wife. Traveling with his special needs son to see his daughter Karen get married, John and the entire family experience quite a trip, complete with a shocking announcement. (out December 8)


8. The Merman by Carl-Johan Vallgren ($25): Mer-people. Sweden. In case you need more to sell you (we don’t!), this novel is about the love siblings have for each other framed as a modern fable. It’s dark and haunting, and perfect for a cold night in by the fireplace. (out December 3)


9. Maggie Smith: A Biography by Michael Coveney ($28): You know her best as the Dowager from Downton Abbey or from Harry Potter, but Dame Maggie Smith has had a long, lustrous career. This biography was written with the actress’ blessing, and also includes interviews with family and friends. Grab a scone and a pot of tea and deep dive into one of Britain’s treasures. (out December 29)



by Natasha Solomons ($16): England in the ‘40s, grief, love and family. Want us to keep going? This new novel from author Natasha Solomon will transport you through a family filled with music and legacy. (

out December 29)

Tell us what looks good to you in the comments or what you’ll be reading this winter break!