These truly microscopic houses make a statement when it comes to small space living. From clever storage solutions to petite charm, micro-homes make the most out of every square inch, opting for a much-less-is-more approach. We’re inspired to clean out our closets (and drawers and cabinets…) and embrace the minimalist life after checking out these super chic tiny homes below.

1. Eco-Friendly Studio: This 16-by-16 structure features a sustainable design on the outside and a natural, eco-inspired look on the inside. Woven textures create a relaxed, welcoming vibe, along with an assortment of colorful pillows for personality. (via Tiny House Blog)

2. Minimalist Chic: This sophisticated studio clocks in at around 316 square feet. The design makes the most of vertical space with soaring kitchen cabinets for plenty of storage. (via Gizmag)

3. Boho Micro-Home: What this home lacks in size, it makes up for with an abundance of style. Boho accents, like the custom sliding doors to the bathroom, bring flair to this modern-meets-boho home in Austin, Texas. (via Curbed)

4. Petite Luxury: Sometimes smaller spaces let the details truly shine. In this tiny home, marble countertops, hardwood floors and beautiful wood trim combine for a high-quality chef’s kitchen. (via Tiny Heirloom)

5. Pocket Living: Plenty of windows and repurposed pine floors ensure this portable micro-home is constantly flooded with light. Drawers and cabinets provide a place to both relax and store essentials. (via Inhabitat)

6. Simple Sustainability: A gabled roof gives this micro-home a light and airy feel. Contemporary decor keeps the look upscale and adds warmth to the space, like with the brown leather sofa and patchwork patterned rug. (via Decoist)

7. Global-Inspired Tiny Home: An eclectic mix of decor creates a unique look in this petite house on wheels in Charlotte, North Carolina. A neutral sofa grounds the space, allowing red trim and cultural artwork to take the stage. (via Tiny House Swoon)

8. Portable Style: Cozy spaces abound in this 280-square-foot home on wheels. A nook filled with cute, plush pillows dresses up this welcoming lounge spot. (Tiny House Swoon)

9. Tiny Brick Home: With 92 square feet of ground space to work with, this stunning brick abode in the Mission District of San Francisco was transformed into a modern guest house. The small vintage building used to be a mechanical room for a commercial laundry business, but the architect saw an opportunity for this little space to be more than just a storage unit. (via Small House Bliss)

10. Streamlined Micro Home: A bed rolls out from underneath the desk area of this minimalist home, saving lots of floor space. (via Tiny House Blog)

11. Retro Cottage: The owners of this petite home turned an old school bus into a whimsical retreat. Wood paneling plays up the curved ceiling, while a built-in bed area provides two places to lounge and sleep. (via Tiny House Swoon)

12. Rustic Loft: Extra high ceilings combine with whitewashed wood walls, creating a bright space with a lot of wall storage. Built-in benches offer cushioned seating, along with a lofted storage nook and a separate lofted bed area. (via Small and Tiny Home Ideas)

What’s your favorite tiny home idea? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!