Spring is here, and that means Mother Nature is spring-ing back to life right before our very eyes! If you’ve always been a green thumb, are looking to start or have someone special in your life who is, we’ve got just the essentials. Whether you’re a fan of decorative flower spring garlands or indoor gardens, these nine beauties make great gifts for anyone looking to boost their garden game. And they’re all urban-friendly to boot!


1. Brit + Co Sand Art Terrarium Kit ($29): Terrariums themselves are spectacularly great, but when you add some colorful sand art into the mix, they become next-level home decor. From glitter to confetti, there are so many ways to add a personal touch to the sand layers.

plant mister

2. Kikkerland Brass Plant Mister ($24): If you’re a green thumb, it means you’ve got plants. If you’re keeping plants, you gotta keep ’em alive with some water now and then (aka always). This golden mister has an antique feel that will make feeding your plants lots of fun.

succulent class

3. Cherie Marquez’s Succulent Gardening Online Class ($19): Learn everything you need to know about raising your very own succulent plants from this online class. It’s great for urban dwellers who are tight on space but still want some nature in their lives.

green pantone box

4. Seletti North America Ltd. Green Pantone Metal Box ($22): You’ve gotta keep your gardening supplies somewhere, and this green Pantone box is one of the best ways to store them.

jar herb kit

5. Modern Sprout Garden Jar Herb Kit ($54): This three pack of basil, mint and cilantro comes in kit form and is all ready for you to assemble and start growing right on your window sill. Because everything is better when spiced with your very own herbs.

enchanted forest book

6. Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford ($16): This book celebrates the glory of all things green and nature-y in the best way possible: coloring book form! Even if you don’t want to add color, the illustrations themselves are frame-worthy loveliness.

Macrame planter

7. Macrame Hanging Planter Kit ($25): Once you’ve got your plants assembled and ready to display, next you’ve gotta figure out just how you want to show them off. This macrame kit is one super colorful and fun way to do it — it’s definitely not your grandma’s planter.

juice solution book

8. The Juice Solution by Erin Quon and Briana Stockton ($23): If you’re raising your very own garden greens, one of the best ways to use them is in super healthy and mega tasty juice blends. This book will give you all the tips and tricks you need to make all kinds of tasty concoctions.

seed starter kits

9. Modern Sprout Kraft Seed Starter Kits ($17): Not only do these beautifully designed capsules include everything you need to start growing your own spices, they come with easy to read, step-by-step instructions that ensure the process is as enjoyable as using them later.

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