If you’re still recovering from the season 14 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy (which we totally understand, BTW), you may need to sit down for this news. We’re about to get even more of the heart-stopping medical drama in the form of a Grey’s Anatomy web series.

Grey’s Anatomy: Post-Op will be a six-part digital series leading up to the show’s 300th episode, which airs on November 9. That’s right — we’ve been through nearly 300 episodes of injuries, surgeries, medical mysteries, plane crashes, Post-It weddings, deaths, hallucinations, and on-call-room hookups. And fans have loved every minute of it. Well, except for that whole McDreamy bombshell in season 11.

The aptly named Post-Op will be hosted by Gordon James (AKA Nurse Gregory), with special guests including writers from the show, producers, and, of course, members of the cast.

James and his guests will relive some of the biggest, most dramatic moments in the show’s 13 seasons on the air. And as Grey’s fans know, there have been a lot of big, dramatic moments — some triumphant and hopeful, others devastating. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride since the series premiered way back in 2005.

You can get in on all of the Grey’s Anatomy: Post-Op action when the web series goes live on Wednesday, October 4, at 10am on ABC.com and the ABC app.

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(Photos via ABC/Richard Cartwright)