Grocery shopping鈥 ugh. It鈥檚 no wonder meal subscription boxes have been growing in popularity: Grocery shopping can be tedious, and A LOT of us end up overspending on stuff we don鈥檛 even need 鈥 like crazy聽Oreo flavors, for example. But like everything else in life, little hacks can make your supermarket experience a heckuva lot easier (and cheaper). Take these tips from Shopkick to heart next time you hit up the aisles.

1. Shop on Wednesdays. Here鈥檚 the thing about Wednesdays: Retailers know the weekend is coming up, so they鈥檙e ready to get rid of last weeks鈥 inventory鈥 which means markdowns! Look for perishable items, like fancy cheeses and heritage meats, which often get reduced in price mid-week.

2. Shop in bulk, especially for meat. People are often wary of buying too much meat at once because they鈥檙e worried it鈥檒l spoil. But guess what? Meat keeps for up to four months when frozen. Opt for family-size servings and store what you don鈥檛 need in a freezer-safe bag.

3. Use a rewards app. Download an app like Shopkick that will reward you in gift cards for the shopping you鈥檙e already doing.

4. Look down. Did you know that grocery stores stock their most expensive products at eye-level? This is because the products on the bottom shelves are so hard to notice. MIND. BLOWN. Look down toward the bottom of the shelf when you鈥檙e shopping and see what more affordable goodies your supermarket has to offer.

5. Shop the perimeter. When you鈥檙e trying to eat healthy, stick to the perimeter of the store. This is where all the real food 鈥 think meat, vegetables, and dairy essentials 鈥 awaits. By using this tactic, you鈥檙e unlikely to make spontaneous decisions to buy expensive packaged food 鈥 and you鈥檒l end up eating better too.

6. Make a list, and stick to it. By making a list of what you need before each shopping trip, you鈥檒l know exactly what you don鈥檛 need: anything not on your list.

7. Think critically about deals and specials. A lot of the time, what appears to be a great deal is actually a ploy to get you to buy more. For example, you might see a sign that says 鈥2 for $5鈥斥 but upon closer examination, you鈥檒l see that you鈥檇 be getting the same exact deal purchasing just one product, because it鈥檚 already priced at $2.50. Look at coupons, specials, and sale prices with a critical eye so you know what is and isn鈥檛 a great buy.

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