There’s nothing better than the classic Oreo. Not only is it a deliciously sweet, crispy, cream-filled treat on its own, but you can also make tons of delicious desserts with it. But, as we all know, the days of only having one simple Oreo option are long gone. For the past few years, Oreo has been rolling out TONS of unique flavors — some that we know and love, and others that leave us a little confused (WTF is a “Rainbow Shure, Bert!” anyway?). When it comes to quick and easy desserts, nothing’s simpler than popping an Oreo or two. Here’s a quick and dirty ranking of 20 *unusual* Oreo flavors, from the most ridiculous to the absolute yummiest.

20. Watermelon: We’re not sure what people were thinking when they decided to make a melon-flavored cookie, but to each her own. Unfortunately, these didn’t turn out great: The flavor is completely off, and there are some places you just don’t go.

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19. Berry Burst Ice Cream: There’s nothing good about these. Berry filling is one thing, but that extra ice cream-y texture did nothing for us.

18. Rainbow Shure, Bert!: The folks at Oreo get points for trying to be original here, but… nah, actually they don’t. We’re not sure what they were thinking with these, from the weird decision to make a sherbet-flavored cookie to the odd play on words in the name.

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17. Caramel Apple: When we think of caramel apples, we think of… well, caramel apples. Or at least caramel- and taffy-based candies and desserts. We don’t think of crunchy Oreo cookies with soft artificial-tasting filling.

16. Blueberry Pie: Don’t get us wrong, we love blueberry pie. Just not this weird imitation version of it. These cookies are too sweet, too fake-tasting and just not that satisfying.

15. Strawberry Shortcake: These were actually a great idea. Strawberry shortcake is amazing, and shortbread cookies are equally awesome. Unfortunately, the awesomeness didn’t translate. The strawberry flavoring on these smells and tastes completely synthetic.

14. Cotton Candy: Cotton candy is great, but applying its flavors to Oreo filling seems rather sketch. These taste like pure sugar mixed with artificiality.

13. Banana Split Oreos: Things are starting to get a little yummier now. These are conceptually a good idea, with one chocolate cookie, one vanilla cookie and banana-flavored filling. These are all good things.

12. Key Lime Pie: We’re not saying these are fantastic — like many other options on our list so far, the flavoring tastes creepily artificial — but they’re kinda refreshing if you love the taste of lime.

11. Cookie Dough Oreos: Okay, things are really starting to look up now. These cookie dough-inspired creations make lots of sense. After all, why not sandwich cookie dough between two cookies? It’s been done before, but it’s *always* delicious.

10. Cinnamon Bun: These scrumptious little cookies taste a little bit like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and we’re not complaining. The flavor is perfectly balanced. They’re cinnamon-y, sweet and deliciously gooey.

9. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup: You knew this was going to go over well. It’s hard to go wrong with the classic peanut butter and chocolate combo, and these babies taste just like the Reese’s cups we know and love.

8. Fruity Crisp: This is our wild card option, but frankly, the entire world is raving about this 2016 flavor. It takes us back to our childhoods by combining the flavors of Golden Oreos with Fruity Pebbles to absolutely delicious results.

7. Pumpkin Spice: The mid 2010s may easily become known as the Age of Pumpkin Spice, and it’s not hard to see why. It was inevitable that Oreo would capitalize on the pumpkin spice craze, and we’re happy they did. The only reason this didn’t score higher was because of the artificial-tasting flavor of the filling.

6. Red Velvet: This crowd-pleasing flavor is usually the stuff of wedding cakes, but it’s no surprise that it’s crossed over into Oreo territory. Sweet, rich and flavorful, these cookies are great substitutes to nom on after wedding season comes to a close.

5. S’mores: TRY TO EAT JUST ONE OF THESE. We dare you. These are delicious, whether you’re sitting around a campfire or not.

4. Peanut Butter: Sometimes it’s the simplest things that taste the yummiest. Peanut butter and chocolate may not be the most inventive combination of all time, but there’s a reason why it’s a classic.

3. Lemon: Gah, WHY ARE THESE SO ADDICTING? Light, refreshing lemon creme sandwiched between with two Golden Oreo wafers is seriously the stuff dreams are made of.

2. Golden Birthday Cake: We’re not going to lie, we kinda wish the birthday cake-flavored dessert trend wasn’t even a thing, because it’s completely impossible to resist. Eat these and you’ll feel like it’s your birthday every day.

1. Mint: Rounding off our list at No. 1 is the classic, always delicious Mint Oreo. Why? Because the simplest combinations really are the best combinations. Have you ever heard someone say “omg I really can’t stand sweet mint with chocolate!”? We didn’t think so.

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