Meal subscription services can go one of two ways: They can either be totally *amazing* and provide you with a delicious source of quick, convenient noms, or they can, uh, leave something to be desired. It’s not easy to achieve fresh and healthy meals when those meals come in a box. But when you do find delicious heathy meal subscription boxes, it’s kind of like winning the lottery… and that’s why we’re so IN LOVE with Crateful.

LA-based Crateful has been championed by celebs Charlize Theron, Shay Mitchell, Olivia Culpo, Cara Santana, and Nina Dobrev, who recently shared her love for Crateful via Instagram.

Crafeful is inspired by Italian cuisine, though it’s not limited to pasta by any means. Meals include a wide range of healthy ingredients that are prepared in the lightest ways possible (think little to no added sugar, vegetable oils, etc.). In fact, you can choose from a Chef, Fit, Vegetarian, or Paleo plan, proving that this subscription box service is *all* about various healthy options.

You can get breakfasts, lunches, AND dinners, with meal plans starting at $30 per day. We don’t know about you, but we’re in.

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