This Is the Sneaky Trick to Making a Man Bun Look Bigger
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This Is the Sneaky Trick to Making a Man Bun Look Bigger

We’re a month and a half into this man bun growing journey of mine, and I have experienced a pretty impressive transformation so far.

When I started out, I was simply using whatever I found in the shower and on the bathroom counter to take care of my hair. Since then I’ve learned a handful of useful tools of the hair trade. How have I changed? Let me count the ways: I started using clips to train my naturally curly hair, I’ve upgraded my hair care routine with high-quality shampoo, conditioner and styling products, I picked up a paddle brush and I even have started taking biotin. WHEW!

Needless to say I’ve had Beyoncé’s “Upgrade U” running through my head nonstop over the past few man bun-growing weeks.

While I have seen slow ‘n’ steady hair growth throughout this process, making my man bun look a little more impressive with each passing week, I decided to switch things up this week and give the budding bun a fresh, new look. And that would be courtesy of a hair cut. Wait… WHAT?!

That’s right; over the weekend I hit up the hair salon — and, frequently name dropped in this saga, Mario — for some touch-up time to get my bun looking right.

After chatting about the ways I have and have not been following his suggestions, he whipped the chair around and got to work on my mane. Shockingly to me, the first thing he did was put my bun in its place atop my head. That made me think of one of two things: The ends of my hair weren’t split + dead (YAY!) or the myth about giving those locks a trim to help them grow faster is false. Either way, most of my mane wasn’t getting a trim, and that made me feel great about the quality job I’m doing when it comes to taking care of my head of hair. I do own a dog after all, so I know a thing or two about responsibility. Even when it comes to hair ;)

After giving the sides and back some buzzing action and suggesting some new products to use, Mario swung me around in the chair to debut my new, more-defined man bun.

I must say I was kinda opposed to getting the trim in the first place — I thought my entire head of hair needed to grow together to fulfill the man-bun look. I was wrong, however (LOL, of course I was), as the cut gave my growing man bun a much more impressive overall look — a top-knot kinda vibe, if you will. Snaps to Mario c/o of me.

Post-trim I actually feel like my bun looks bigger already. Okay, so it just sticks out more since the bottom half of my head has much shorter hair now, but I definitely see a difference, and Mario did make a point about not trimming the longer part when I was in the hot seat. “If I cut it, you’ll never see any results. You gotta at least wait three to four months, if not more, for a full-on trim.”

So there you go, from his mouth to my lips, you don’t *technically* need to trim your hair on a regular basis for it to grow faster. At least I don’t. Unless those ends are dry and dead, of course. Split ends, what’s good?!

Week six of growing a man bun down — who knows how many more to go. Meet here next week, same time, same place. Until then, leave any and all tips, tricks or ideas in the comments or tweet ‘em to us @britandco. BYE!

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After my trim, does the man bun look more impressive (aka any bigger)? Let me know in the comments. Also, shoot any tips, tricks or hacks regarding hair growth my way in the comments.