Wearing socks with sandals (or heels for that matter) is oftentimes the butt of style jokes. However, when it’s done well, well, prepare for the compliments to roll in. Yet, Gucci’s latest take on the fashion trend seems to be one the internet is NOT having.

The fashion house debuted its firehouse red Ilse Sock Sandals ($1,190), from its Spring 2017 collection this week for pre-order over on Nordstrom’s website. But this particular pair had a twist: a nude sock with a plastic overlay.

The leather and latex open-toe heels are described as “a streamlined take” on the sock and sandal trend. And the “sock” is detachable, allowing the wearer to choose their own shoe adventure, if you will.

Naturally, Twitter had some collective thoughts, flooding the social media site with a flurry of opinions with folks calling the creation everything from ridiculous and hideous to creepy and disastrous. Some even assumed the shoe must be an April Fool’s Day joke. Here are a few highlights:

Nordstrom even commented on the outrage, responding to one user who asked if they were drunk by playfully saying, “No, silly, it’s not even 8am.”

Between these, Topshop’s clear knee “Mom” jeans, and Urban’s extra cropped crop top, 2017 is shaping up to be a rather interesting year for fashion, indeed!

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(h/t Hello Giggles, photos via Nordstrom)