Gwyneth Paltrow has her hands in a lot of different pots: The actress turned lifestyle expert recently released a cookbook (though you miggght wanna double check those chicken instructions), shared fast food hacks with her followers, and announced she鈥檒l be starting a magazine version of her site Goop with Anna Wintour. Apparently, that simply wasn鈥檛 enough to fill the 44-year-old鈥檚 plate, however, as she鈥檚 now set her sights on yet another market: meal delivery.

The Oscar winner has joined forces with 23-time Grand Slam tennis champion Serena Williams (who will soon become a first time聽mama!) to invest in subscription-based food service Daily Harvest. Unlike HelloFresh, which ships whole meals straight to your door, this female-led startup focuses on superfoods delivered in supercups (think chia parfaits, overnight oats, organic smoothies, and soups) offered in a wide variety of yummy flavors.

Speaking with Fortune, CEO Rachel Drori also revealed the company鈥檚 secondary mission: to educate folks about the benefits of frozen food. Whereas fresh produce is often picked early and allowed to ripen on the way to the store, frozen fruits and veggies are picked at peak ripeness and frozen within hours, sealing in flavor and nutrients.

When asked about her celebrity investors, Drori gushed, 鈥淕wyneth Paltrow is an authority on health and wellness [and] the reason we are so excited to partner with her is she is somebody who people will listen to and take a second look at frozen food.鈥

Williams also spoke out on her investment, telling the outlet she looks 鈥渇orward to helping more people gain access to nutritious meals.鈥

So how does it work? You build your box with six single portion cups to be delivered weekly, 12 cups, or 24 single portion cups 鈥渄eveloped by a nutritionist and made craveable by a chef,鈥 which will arrive on your doorstep, ready to be popped into the freezer. The cups range in price from $8 apiece for the six-cup option ($190 per month) to $7 per cup if you opt for 24 ($671). Come meal time, 鈥渁dd a liquid base to your cup and blend, soak, or heat.鈥 That鈥檚 it!

Our mouths are officially watering!

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(h/t InStyle; Photo via Daily Harvest + Phillip Faraone/Getty)