Is your hair swipeable? Studies have been done on whether your name will get more swipes on dating apps — FYI Nikki is preferred over Nicole — or if you open with a joke or a movie reference, but what about the really important things like how your hair looks? Well, luckily the folks at Phillips James Salon decided to get to the root of the issue and figure out which people are getting the most swipes on Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and Grindr, because of their hair. Hey, on a dating app a picture can represent 1000 words or at least 10 right swipes so you want to make sure your hair looks good. After all, you could be one side braid away from meeting your potential soulmate.

Emma Stone

Well, as usual, it is tough out there to be a redhead, especially if you are a dude. Out of the people attracted to men in the survey, 62 percent said they think red hair is the worst. And though blondes may have more fun, fewer people are attracted to them, especially when they are a blond man (only 16 percent preferred them). Apparently on dating apps it is best to be brunette, with 56 percent of people attracted to men preferring brown above all else and 43 percent of people attracted to women also feeling the brunette vibe.

As for what people attracted to women want? Well, don’t rush to get that always chic pixie cut because 35 percent of people attracted to women think they aren’t so great. You may also want to rethink those bangs — as one usually does — because only 13 percent of people like them. Curly haired girls do pretty well with 30 percent of people loving that style! And great news for girls who don’t love to wash their hair or even brush it some days as the messy hairstyle was the most preferred at 26 percent. Someone please tell our mom!

For hair style, both straight women and gay men both prefer crew cuts with heterosexual women opting for short hair on a man four times as much as the next most preferred style (messy) and gay men prefer them three times as much as the next most preferred style (undercut). But, while they may want the hair on top of their head to be short, over half of the people attracted to men like a little facial hair. That said, they DO NOT want a full shaggy Santa beard: 46 percent of those attracted to men thinking long beards are just plain bad.

For more info on what people think about hair on dating sites and just general interesting facts — did you know the average woman spends over $44K on her hair during the course of her lifetime? — about hair check out the infographic below.


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