These 16 Halloween Cupcake Recipe Ideas Get Your Planning Off to a Sweet Start
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These 16 Halloween Cupcake Recipe Ideas Get Your Planning Off to a Sweet Start

Let’s face it: No matter what your age, Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. You know you’re already planning your squad’s Halloween costume (Pokémon characters, perhaps?), and it won’t be long until Halloween baking is completely taking over your Pinterest feed. So, to give you a jump-start on your ghoulish party desserts, we found 16 spooky cupcakes that you *need* to make alongside the rest of your sweet and savory Halloween treats. Stock up on your edible fake blood and practice your best piping skills, because these Halloween cupcake recipe ideas are going to keep you busy baking from now until the end of October.

1. Black Magic Bat Cupcakes: We already know that Oreos are the most crave-worthy cookie out there, but they’re also the most versatile. Who knew that they make such perfect bat wings? Add a pair of candy eyes and instantly turn your dessert into a creature of the night. (via Simply Beautiful Eating)

2. Bloody Halloween Cupcakes: Fake blood (aka strawberry jam) drips down the sides of these cupcakes like a fresh fruit murder scene. There’s no telling what could be buried beneath that dark chocolate soil, so you’ll have to dig in to find out! (via Cinnamon Girl)

3. Candy Corn Cupcakes: You can’t have a Halloween cupcake spread without a little candy corn. These cupcakes have yellow and orange layered batter with a bright white frosting to give them a striking resemblance to the classic Halloween sweet. (via The Starving Musician)

4. Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes: You don’t have to go over the top to make a show-stopping Halloween cupcake. This minimal dessert is simply topped with an elegant pumpkin candy to give it a festive feel. (via Le Receta de la Felicidad)

5. Cauldron Cupcakes: Double, double, toil and trouble. These witches brew cupcakes are sure to cast a delicious spell on whoever eats them, but it’s a risk we’re willing to take. (via Big Bear’s Wife)

6. Gluten Free Vegan Ghost Cupcakes: If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to load up on crafting baking decor, no worries! You can make the cutest ghost cupcakes just by piping white frosting in a ghoulish swirl and using chocolate chips for the eyes. Your guests will think it took a lot more planning than it did. (via Sarah Bakes Gluten Free)

7. Headless Horseman Cupcakes: Let your artistic abilities shine with these hand-painted sugary treats. Using a steady hand and a template to trace your masterpiece, you can easily transform your royal icing moons into a spooky landscape. (via The Simple Sweet Life)

8. Halloween Wicked Witch of the East Chili Chocolate Cupcakes: It’s true that a house killed the wicked witch of the east, but if you ask us, death by cupcake seems way more tolerable. The fun part is molding her stockings and feet out of fondant like a kid playing with Play-Doh. (via Bake to the Roots)

9. Marshmallow Web Cupcake Topper: As long as you’re not afraid to get your hands a little dirty, these cupcakes are a blast to make. All it takes is a handful of mini marshmallows and willing sticky fingers to create the most delicious spider web there ever was. (via Handmade Charlotte)

10. Scary Broken Glass Cupcakes: You don’t have to be afraid of eating this glass. It’s made by boiling sugar and cornstarch and pouring onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Take out your aggressions on the solidified product and you’ll have shards of candy glass to decorate your cupcakes. (via The Supper Boss Chronicles)

11. Halloween Cupcakes: Holiday desserts don’t have to be complicated to be effective. Just by adding a few drops of orange food coloring to your batter and icing you can create a cupcake that is worthy of any Halloween bake sale. (via Good Food, Shared)

12. Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes: If you have a few restless kiddos you need to occupy, then set them up to decorate these cupcakes. Just don’t be surprised if you have a few pieces of licorice missing when they’re finished, though. (via Taste and Tell)

13. Pumpkin Snickers Cupcakes With Chocolate Buttercream and Edible Spiderwebs: Sure, the chocolate spider webs are adorable, but the true star of these cupcakes is the amazing flavor. Once you’ve put Snickers in your cupcakes, you’ll never want to go back. (via Cooking for Keeps)

14. Double Chocolate Reese’s Pieces Cupcakes: Thank goodness Reese’s Pieces are already Halloween colors, which make them perfect for these cupcakes. Their classic flavor is echoed in the dark chocolate cupcakes and velvety chocolate peanut butter frosting. YUM. (via Your Cup of Cake)

15. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar Halloween Cupcakes: All it takes is a simple cookie headstone to take your cupcakes from ordinary to creepy AF. If they weren’t so darn delicious we *might* be frightened. (via The Sweet and Simple Kitchen)

16. Spider Egg Cupcakes: Store-bought white chocolate truffles serve as the creepy-crawly spider egg sac decorating these cupcakes. Adorn the tops with a chocolate piped spider and you’re going to seriously skeeve people out. (via Easy Baked)

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