No matter which flavor of La Croix is your BAE, I think we can all agree that La Croix is life. The fizzy nectar brings out our best organizational skills (La Croix always makes that fridge color coordination game on point), and some even say that it’s even more important than dating — La Croix over boys, amirite?? We teamed up with Misty Spinney to turn this bubbly, all natural beverage into the hottest group Halloween costume for 2017. Grab your gang and start deciding who will be what flavor :)

La Croix Group Halloween Costume

Makeup tips for La Croix Costumes: All makeup looks were done using some of our favorite pigments, extra glitter, and this palette Deck of Scarlet Makeup Palette ($30) — a subscription service designed to bring you a custom palette that is curated and created in collaboration with your favorite influencers. You get $133 worth of makeup in one small palette, along with links to several looks you can make. For the base of each look, create flawless looking skin with a medium to full coverage foundation. Each gal is wearing birthday suit on her lips.

Hair Overview: Each look has its version of the pony bubbles in various sizes. To create these, you take sections of hair and add a small colored elastic to the section, and then pull them apart to create little bubbles of hair.

Pamplemousse La Croix Costume

Pamplemousse La Croix Costume Gif

Pamplemousse was the clear winner in our office poll. This one might just be my favorite because of the colors, but the flavor is good too :) The first step to making these La Croix can costumes is to purchase an Ohuhu Pop-up Hamper ($13) from Amazon.

Pamplemousse La Croix Costume

Makeup Tips: Apply highlighter Yasmin to your brow bones, inside corners of your eyes, upper cheekbones, temples and the bridge of your nose. Go minimal on your blush and bronzer. Apply Feeling Peachy into the creases of your lids and Baby Doll onto your lids. Top off with some coral glitter and a few coats of mascara.

Pamplemousse La Croix Costume

Hair tips: This looks more complicated than it is! Back comb your entire head roots to end! Your hair will be BIG! Then create large poof balls of hair going down the center of your head. At this point, use the method listed above to make lots of pony buns along each side of your head. Pin and connect them all into the larger faux hawk of poof balls of hair.

Lime La Croix Cosutume

Lime La Croix Costume Gif

Cut the bottom off of the hamper and wrap in the appropriate color of felt. La Croix cans have a watercolor background, so use spray paint in a darker shade to achieve this effect.

Lime La Croix Costume

Makeup tips: Highlight with highlighter Jasmine down the bridge of your nose and cupids bow of your lip. Bronze your cheekbones and apply Feeling Peachy to your cheeks for blush. For the eyes on lime, we went bold with different hues of green shadows bursting from her eyelids onto her temples and upper cheeks!

Hair tips: Back-comb everything and keep with the theme of making large poof ball bubbles of hair. This time, start at the top and bring the larger balls to the side of your head for an asymmetrical silhouette. Smaller pony balls in the bang section and on the sides of her hair blend into her side pony.

Pure La Croix Costume

Pure La Croix Costume Gif

Print and cut out this La Croix template and then trace onto black felt. Next, cut out strips of blue and teal felt to create the brush strokes that will lay underneath the La Croix logo.

Pure La Croix Costume

Makeup tips: Bump up the base of this look by applying hues of blue shadows around your eyes and pops of deeper blue liquid liner. We also added the liner to her cheekbones for an extra layer of fun!

Hair tips: Back-comb all of your hair from roots to end, and then place various sizes of curls into your hair and gently back-comb those as well! Find random places to add the smaller pony bubble strands.

Coconut La Croix Costume

Coconut La Croix Costume

Depending on the length of the La Croix flavor, you can either use felt stickers or will need to hand cut the letters from felt. Hot glue on the upper lefthand corner.

Coconut La Croix Costume

Makeup tips: Use a white eyeliner to make larger winged cat eyes and extend the inside corners dramatically. Apply Feeling Peachy in the creases of your eyelids, and top off with mascara.

Hair tips: Place an extremely heavy side part in your hair, back-comb and curl. Add your bubble strands and you are ready to go!

Cran-Raspberry la Croix Costume

Cran-Raspberry La Croix Costume Gif

Finish off the costume with a cardboard soda tab that is spray painted silver and the appropriate La Croix in your hand ;)

Cran-Raspberry La Croix Costume

Makeup tips: Apply Babydoll to your eyelids and another deeper pink shadow to the creases. Top with shimmering pink glitter. Highlight your brow bones with Jasmine highlighter. Complete with mascara and deep pink liquid liner to make the extended cat wings.

Hair tips: This look is mostly made of the smaller pony bubble method. Just make random little buns all over your head, as well as different size bubble shapes of hair.

La Croix Boi Costume

La Croix Boi Costume Gif

So thirsty! La Croix Boi is the answer to our dreams. We will gladly drown in the pamplemousse with you.

La Croix Boi Costume

Sippin’ on the flavors while you get to know me ;)

La Croix Group Halloween Costume

Since these costumes are built off of a pop-up hamper, you can actually compress them into a disk and store them for Halloween 2018 (and all the Halloweens after that)!

La Croix Group Halloween Costume

Slightly obsessed, but it’s okay :)

La Croix Group Halloween Costume

Which one is your favorite?

La Croix Group Halloween Costume

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Hair and Makeup: Misty Spinney
Models: Lindsay Saito, Beth Wischnia, Maddie Bachelder, Sonya Sachdeva, Alyssa Asadoorian
Photography: Brittany Griffin and Kurt Andre

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