We know Halloween isn’t exactly around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a leg up on the office party competition with a next-level, budget-friendly costume. We’re here to help you hack your way to greatness with a simple DIY Halloween costume that can come straight from your closet. Redheads, this one’s for you — we got you covered with the perfect redhead Halloween costume. We decided to pay tribute to our fiery-haired friends by DIY-ing a special getup inspired by one of our favorite redheads from cartoons, TV and music. Presenting: Kim Possible. Read below to see how you can master this Halloween look for yourself.


Call me, beep me – if you want to reach me.


Kim Possible is just a normal high school cheerleader who happens to fight villains in her spare time. Her style is easy to replicate using items you can actually re-use after Halloween.


We found all of the pieces (cargo pants, black crop top and black army boots) at a thrift store and spent about $15.


In terms of accessories, you’ll definitely need some fighting gloves. Deck out the costume with a hip harness and a beeper to get the full Kim Possible vibe.


Simply comb your hair over into an extremely exaggerated side part and use a hair wax to keep it in place.

Easy enough, right?

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