Do you know what you are wearing for Halloween yet? There are probably a bunch of things in your closet right now that can make an uncomplicated costume. That LBD you have in there really does go with everything — even a broomstick. But really, you don’t have to get dressed up to share in the Halloween spirit. You can simply change your phone case. These 15 phone cases are a good excuse to treat yourself this Halloween.

1. Halloween Night Orange Phone Case ($40): This case is available for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5c, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 4, 4S, 3G and 3GS, meaning YOU get some Halloween spirit. YOU get some Halloween spirit! Halloween spirit for everyone!

2. Dots Phone Case ($15): This case is great for Halloween, but chic enough to be used all year round. Black with white polka dots are always appropriate.

3. Black Cat iPhone Case ($35): Even if you’re a dog person, you’ve got to admit that this phone case is super cute.

4. Kawaii Candy Corn Samsung Galaxy S4 S5 Phone Case ($18): Get your candy corn fix right here.

5. Halloween Striped iPhone Case ($16): You’ll get your pumpkin carving done with this one, too.

6. Full Moon and Bats iPhone Case ($42): With this phone case, you’ll be glad to have bats in your house.

7. Halloween Case for iPhone 4 ($45): This one is named for Halloween, but the look is less exclusive.

8. Halloween Chevron ($43): Here’s another that’s made with Halloween in mind but is perfectly acceptable to carry all year round.

9. Natural Light Phone Case ($15): Capturing the nighttime mystery of Halloween, this is definitely a must-have if you are looking to update your technological accessories.

10. Mourning Doves Phone Case ($15): The modern design ensures you can use this case long after October.

11. Haunted House Phone Case ($43): This case is certainly festive. Orange, purple, black and yellow is such a great color combination!

12. Treat Yo Self Phone Case ($15): Get the message?

13. Black Stripe Pattern iPhone Case ($15): Black and white stripes go with everything, including Halloween.

14. Navy and Orange Clover Phone Case ($35): A navy and orange combo is softer than the traditional black and orange. Dare to be different this Halloween.

15. Constellations Phone Case ($35): Stars and constellations will prove to be a stylish companion this season.

Do you think updating your phone case is a good way to participate in the Halloween spirit? Which case is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.