Even though we *love* the convenience of our iCals and journal apps, there’s something inexplicably magical about carrying around a good ol’ fashioned paper notebook. Now that paper planners are definitely having another moment (along with adorable sticker sets), we’re super excited to hear that paper notebooks are still important too.


According to a study from Princeton University and the University of California at Los Angeles, taking notes using a paper notebook will actually help you better retain information. Comparing students who took notes on laptops with students who opted for longhand, the researchers found that students with paper notebooks performed better on conceptual questions. They also had a better understanding of the material and were able to recall it.

Furthermore, another study published in the Journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology shows that people who doodle also have the upper hand when it comes to remembering dull info. For this study, 40 participants were asked to listen to a monotonous mock telephone message detailing the names of people coming to a party. Half of the group was assigned to doodle while listening to the message and — you guessed it! — they recalled 29 percent more information on a surprise memory test.

So whether you use paper notebooks because it helps you recall information better or you’re just obsessed with super cute stationery (we’re guilty!), one thing is certain: Sometimes it’s a good idea to put down the digital devices and go analog.

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